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Crash and Burn

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Is everything getting ready to crash and burn; turn to shit right in front of our own eyes?  Sure seems like it.  While everyone is freezing their assess off in the northeast, those of us in California and the southwest are heading into our third year of drought, with no relief in sight.  Governor Brown is even talking about mandatory 20% water cut-backs.  How are we gonna be able to grow our own marijuana when it finally becomes legal in the ‘Golden State’?  What it means for me is: more peeing outside, and more efficient use of ‘grey-water’ on my plants.  The veggies will get water, but the poor lawn will remain brown for a long time.

I’m starting to get a little paranoid, and I don’t like it!  I don’t like living in fear, and generally try to maintain a positive attitude.  I’ve got a friend who’s an right-wing ideologue.  He listens to Rush, Michael Savage and watches Fox News all the time.  He fears catastrophe, be it a force of nature or some liberal conspiracy, it is just around the corner waiting to get him.  And although he’s privy to all the shenanigans of the left and evils of Obamacare, it’s not making him any more happier, let alone instilling a feeling of security or peace in him.  Guess if ya live in fear all the time, you become fearful.

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Comments on: "Crash and Burn" (10)

  1. Wondering how that right-wing ideologue fearful neighbor of yours can be (I assume he is) so in denial about climate change. Maybe too afraid to admit it really exists? Maybe he’ll feel a little better when that Mary Jane becomes legal. Sounds like he could use some.

  2. The Water Wars has such a good dramatic ring to it. Pity it won’t be fiction, though 😦

    • I had to look that one up. Drought tolerant plantings are being pushed. For vegetable gardening purposes, mulching retains a lot of water, while improving one’s soil.

      • I linked the word to wikipedia but your comments section doesn’t highlight links that well. I’m trying to employ this method myself where and when I can

  3. we xeriscape here…its nice…I water the stuff every few days…but only the plants…works…like the diver….nice form…

  4. I’ll drink to that.

  5. Even the scriptures say that worrying about tomorrow will not change one tittle. And, myself included, continue to fret as if it will.

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