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Finding One’s Voice

3-28-14 002

Finding one’s voice.

Is not a matter of choice.

But something in which to rejoice.


Don’t worry.  I’m not turning this into a poetry  blog.  I was just sitting around one night and wondering what rhymed with voice.  Not a whole lot of words with oice in them.  Hoist and foist are close, but have that ‘t’ sound at the end, so they really don’t count.

If I were however do go the poetry route.  I think it would mainly consist of dirty limericks.  Think: The man from Nantucket, or “There once was a man from Trent”.  I have written a few limericks.  The one below pretty much sums up my career as a PO (probation officer), but can apply to anyone who has worked in a big government agency or corporation.

There once was a PO named Stover

Who was treated worse than my dog named Rover

Many years did pass

Of taking it in the ass

So he changed his name to Ben Dover.


Comments on: "Finding One’s Voice" (12)

  1. Nice one………poetry is fun…limericks are even more fun…..

  2. let me know if you ever find it…your voice that is…

  3. You should do more.

  4. Great poem! Did I ever mention that I’m from Nantucket?

  5. 🙂 You are an original, Hansi!

  6. Finding one’s voice ? I’d like to find my brain. Everyone says I lost my mind long ago.

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