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Mellowing Out

new 041Some things seem to get better when they are left alone to just sit there, age and do nothing.  I know I am.  Non-imaginary things like cheese, wine and beer do the same thing, and in the process loosen hidden characteristics which make them rich and much to be desired (just like me also).  Mellowing-out is a time to enrich your life; kick-back, chill, find your groove and relax.

I do that every night for a few hours.  Sure feels nice, tuning everything out, listening to music – whole albums in their entirety.  The Wife doesn’t mind.  She’s busy reading Irish detective novels or playing spider solitaire on the computer.  Works for me.  Must work for her.

The one thing all the mutual fund companies don’t tell ya when you’re planning for retirement is how much time you’re gonna end up spending with you spouse, especially if she’s retired too. (Spouse can refer to men or women, for it’s a gender neutral or sexless term, and the longer you’ve been a “spouse”, the more sexless it becomes).  Both of you are gonna be home…all the time.

Sometimes I think, “I gotta get outta the house”.  The Wife probably thinks the same thing too.  Maybe that’s why I still work, or more accurately go to work.  It’s not like I love what I’m doing or anything.  It’s just a place to go, and, see other people (even if they are former co-workers who I can’t stand). Our solution is to allow each other time with their friends.  She gets to go out with “the girls”, and I get to hang-out with my buddies, even go on fishing trips.

I don’t know what got me on to all of that.  Time to re-commence mellowing out, and listen to some Jethro Tull.

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Comments on: "Mellowing Out" (6)

  1. I miss working for a living about as much as I would a ripe boil on my ass. I always said that once I retired I would try my best to be the biggest jack-off that walks the earth. And after four years of retirement I believe I’m succeeding quite admirably. Of course I have been blessed with good health, and I attribute much of that to your frame of mind. Just be mellow! My first wife made mountains out of every mole hill, which she still does to this day. And though 6 years younger than me, she looks and acts 10 years older. No exaggeration!

    • Yeah…working isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Sounds like you’ve found the key to successful retirement living.  Stay mellow my friend.

  2. Some day I will probably say that I am retired. For now, I always just say I’m sliding into it.

  3. Love the weiner guy. You come up with great stuff when tune everything out. Better stay channeled in to the wifey though. Or else…

  4. I’m a firm believer in having one’s own space on a regular basis. My husband and I are inching towards retirement and I can’t help but wonder how all that togetherness is going to be. I think the “mellowing out” time is going to be all that more important! 🙂 Thumbs up to Jethro Tull!

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