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I Don’t Wanna Write

happy faces 016

Okay….I just drew this picture with I Don’t Want To Wright written on it.  Actually, the words weren’t written but drawn, so spelling them correctly was of no big concern for me, and a good excuse for botching up my synonyms or words that sound the same but are spelled differently.  So don’t blame my draftsmanship.  Spell-Check missed it too, so that’s two great minds that fucked up.  Anyway, I didn’t want words getting in the way of free-flowing thought.  And, writing words often times gets in the way of that and drawing too.

But I still wanted to convey the idea that writing wasn’t a big priority for me when I did this drawing about not wanting to write anything.  That’s why I illustrated my idea; sure didn’t wanna describe it. It’s interesting to compare the writing versus the drawing.  Even I would have never guessed that so much bullshit could possibly result from a simple drawing.  There aren’t words enough to describe it.happy faces 019

Oh yea….If there’s an advertisement below, please ignore it.  I’m not getting a cent for it, and probably wouldn’t buy it myself.  So it’s not an endorsement, but rather an un-dorsement.


Comments on: "I Don’t Wanna Write" (10)

  1. I can’t see and ad, but got the same notice. have you ever seen one on my blog?

  2. You illustrate your thoughts so well, even when you’re just doodling around. It works! I get the impression you think in pictures. Perhaps sometimes you get a creative flow that comes at you faster than the speed of words!

  3. I like text in an illustration and I like the different fonts you’ve drawn.
    I keep seeing the warning that an ad might appear at the bottom of my post. I’ve never seen one on anyone else’s. I wonder if they are just visible to non WordPress users?

  4. If the are going to put ad on a blog they should add $

  5. I’ve seen a couple of ads and they seem very odd and mismatched

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