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Hey.  My eleven year old grandson drew the picture above.  The fruit sure don’t fall far from the tree.  The boy’s got talent (thank you superior genetics), but not only that, he’s already developed an interest in trashy lookin’ women.  A chip off the old block.

And while we’re on the subject of trashy lookin’ women, that old country song that said “I like my women a little on the trashy side,” was spot on. [I hate that term.  Sounds like someone lame, tryin’ to sound hip.  “Right on” had more soul]  Anyway, I’m so a-twitter with all things trash, that I thought I’d regurgitate one from the Archives.

This begs the question, and gives me the opportunity to be equally offensive to one and all, if a woman can be trashy, what can a man be.  I know we are pigs, and when not that, just plane swine.  So what do ya call a trashy lookin’ man?

Loser comes to my mind  What thinkest thou?

skanks 003


Comments on: "Branden" (20)

  1. Picasso comes to mind…it is excellent….

  2. Holy crap… start collecting his drawings!

  3. Wow, your grandson’s drawing is almost scary good. Believe me, I am not a person who is into abstract art. But that drawing has abstract talent written all over it! john zande has it right. Start collecting his works.

  4. Your grandson is clearly talented. I’d love to know what the globe refers to. As for trashy men, when I googled the word the only images were of women. Seems men can’t be trashy.

  5. Spent half my life in honky tonks falling in love with those bar mains. Even married one.

  6. Right on re: spot on bro.

  7. men and their sexual fantasies are apparently quite interesting to men…women not so much…Did I tell ya about the guy in the grocery today who had no clue how to drive his cart?

    • Women aren’t interested because they’re too wrapped up in their own fantasies. The guy in the grocery store reminds me of that Beatles tune, “Baby you can drive my cart”.

  8. Your grandson can draw! Keep bestowing pencils, and paint, and paper upon him!

  9. Branden is talented, there’s no doubt! His portrait has an abstract quality that rivals some I’ve seen in galleries. Seriously. It will be interesting to see where he is at artistically in just a few years!

  10. How about slutbuckets?

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