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12-13-13 001

Well, it’s quite obvious that the world is about to end, which signals the ever eminent return of Jesus.  ObamaCare is up and running.  Marijuana use and sales are now legal in Colorado. And people are marrying whoever they choose.  One thing is sure…You can bet your sweet ass that everyone is watching Colorado waiting to see how well legal weed is going.  Cause if it goes well, there’s a shit-load of money to be made by taxing and regulating the hell outta it.  No more Mexican cartels.  The only criminal element involved will be your local Legislators.

3-17-14 002I couldn’t believe the pictures of people lining up around corners waiting to get into a newly opened marijuana store.  All because it’s now legal, so if ya wanna buy a joint and smoke it, that’s your business, and you can do so without the fear of arrest.

A lot of folks are getting high these days.  Maybe there’s too much suffering going on around them, and they just need a little relief.  There won’t be any suffering after Jesus returns.  Just good vibrations, no more war, and people treating their neighbor as they would themselves.  [If there’s not gonna be anymore suffering, and therefore no further need for relief from suffering, I wonder if He’ll re-criminalize Pot?  I’d sure hate to serve time in The Lake of Fire for taking a bong hit].

Maybe Colorado will give us a taste of what it will be like when Jesus returns.  We’ll see.

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Comments on: "Waiting For Jesus To Return." (12)

  1. “Jesus Is Coming…..And Boy Is He Pissed!” A bumper sticker I saw many years ago……

  2. “The only criminal element involved will be your local Legislators.”

    Beautifully said.

    Was it you who relayed the story of the girl scout making a killing selling cookies outside the pot shops?

  3. “Maybe Colorado will give us a taste of what it will be like when Jesus returns.’

    Oh I’m sure of it. I had a holy-spirit experience ever time I toked one up. Now I know what Moses was doing before the burning bush began talking to him. 😉

  4. I’m sitting here waiting for him to walk through the door even as we speak…I’ll tell him to drop by…oh ….I think he’s checking in on believers first…but I’m sure your at the top of the next list…lol…

  5. Hey, don’t forget about us up here in Washington State. We’re ready to take on the mental state of “Hey, man, whatever.” Bottom line, whether a few mixed drinks or a couple tokes on a smoke, our state government is more than happy to reap the benefits of the taxes they so well deserve. It’s called the “sin tax.” A tax obviously coming from those who are “going to hell anyway!”

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