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I follow this British Blogger who calls herself a scribbler.  Actually it’s “Scribblah”.  I guess English English is different from American English.  But I know what she means.  That’s because I watch Doc Martin every week and now understand half of what they’re saying.  And, I don’t have to have the sound turned up as far as it will go.  That hurts the ears.  But then again listening to vinyl records from the sixties full-blast ain’t exactly an exercise in stillness.  What is a trip sometimes is watching Doc Martin with the sound off, and instead, listening to old records.  “Sitting On The Dock Of A Bay” strangely works in Port Wenn.  Although Louise-er in no way could ever come off sounding like Aretha Franklin demanding a little R E S P E C T from grumpy ol’ Martin. [When will he ever get his shit together?]

scribbles 033Anyway, setting short-term memory loss and an inability to focus aside, I started scribbling just like Rosie (who is quite an accomplished artist), and here’s a few of my efforts.  Actually, very little effort went into them, because by nature, scribbling is fast, free and expressive.  Just like when my five year old grandson was three.  He’d “draw” up a storm.  Mostly up and down movements cause he had no fine motor skills.  We’d praise him  for his ‘art-work’, even though it sometimes looked like crap.  Hey, you can’t be negative with young malleable minds.  They could grab all the guns ya got laying around the house and go shoot-up the local school.  Don’t want that!  But then again, one wants to be as heavily armed as the law allows.  You never an tell when you gotta “stand your ground*” because some ass-hole is pissin’ ya off and playing his goddamned rap music too loud.  At times like that you need as much fire-power as you can get, especially if he’s unarmed.

The government really doesn’t care about how many guns ya have.  The more the better.  It’s kinda like smoking.  Everybody knows that tobacco kills thousands of folks annually.  But there’s money to be made by taxing it to death.

scribbles 040

All they drawings posted were done with a pen I stole from work, on scrap paper scrounged from an art store dumpster.

* For those of you who don’t live in the good old U S of A, “Stand Your Ground” is a Florida self defense law that gives individuals the right to use deadly force (shoot someone) to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation.  Like most American laws, they work well for some (heavily armed red-necks), and not so well for others ( African-American youth).


Comments on: "Scribbling" (24)

  1. Now there’s the political commentary that has accompanied your excellent art in times past. Glad to see it hasn’t disappeared completely.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Parts of the U.S. have become quite crazy. I’ll never ever again spend a dime in Florida or Arizona.

    Doc Martin is one of the best series I’ve ever watched. It is amazing. Glad you found it.

    • I love that show. It’s so non-Hollywood, and quite refreshing to see real people as actors.

      • Snoring Dog Studio said:

        Isn’t it? It feels so very much like you’re there in the village with them. I love all the characters on that show.

  3. Most Southern states are trying to enact these same laws…..it is the culture of ignorance….

  4. scribble…*snark*

  5. Keep on scribblin!

  6. I meant to say a while back that I really liked the minimalist scribbles you were doing lately, but I guess I was waiting until I had confirmation that it was a trend as opposed to an anomaly.

    • I guess it’s a trend, a trend towards anomalies. But seriously, scribbling keeps me in the game at a time that I don’t want to put a great deal of effort, or detail, into my work. Glad ya liked em.

  7. Scribbling is cool! I can’t imagine what your gun culture is like. I can’t comprehend what it must be like to live in a place where there is such a gung-ho attitude to guns. We have nothing like it here. Very few people are allowed to have guns, mainly farmers and gamekeepers. Even the police are not normally armed. I wonder if it makes people more or less belligerent. What do you think?

  8. And the ScribblAH is just me making a lame attempt to get down on da street wiv da yoof because they make all words ending in ‘er’ into ‘ah’ now according to my 14 year old niece. Apparently it’s cool. So I appropriated it just to annoy her lol 😀

  9. It is cool. And that girl be gettin’ down.

  10. A man was shot and killed near me last week – i live in suburban Leeds, West Yorkshire. just as well we dont have gun liberty here because there would be more dead bodies in the woods than there are already. Thanks for the thought-provokin post 😉

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