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January 9 2014 003Here’s a little secret:  Every-night I checkout for a few hours and travel the galaxy.  Most of the time I don’t get much further than the couch, except when I get up and change CD’s or put on a record, or take a leak.  That’s why I’m into vinyl these days.  Not only does it sound good, but a record has two short sides, which means I can get up and go wee wee more frequently. [I wonder if drinking a gallon of water during my travels because I got chronic cotton-mouth has anything to do with all the off-pissing* I’m doing?

I’m also keeping a strand of Christmas tree lights up for a while longer, maybe indefinitely.  Looks co0L when the lights are out,  listening to Led Zeppelin or The Stones, and maybe a candle’s lit.  Makes it easy to crank your mind up into third gear, pick up some speed and blow the stink off. [A nice lava lamp would sure go nicely]. It’s amazing all the bullshit that accumulates in one’s mind.  When you’re not re-living the past (my favorite past-time), you’re dreading the future.  Trippy.

Anyway, it’s almost 8:00 pm, and that’s when The Wife comes out of the computer-room, and we start watching TV.  Usually it’s crime dramas, but Doc Martin has become a favorite now a days.  It’s also just about the time I’m done with my travels, and time to get horizontal and hope that there’s a good TV show on to put me to sleep.

*  Like the term “off-loading”, I think ‘off pissing’ is a suitable term for urination, and doesn’t imply getting angry or mad (as does pissing off), but has connotations of relief and an end to suffering.


Comments on: "Waiting For The TV To Come On." (14)

  1. Well said……as I put on Leonard Cohen to begin my morning relaxation…..ah ah ah

  2. granchris789@aim.com said:

    I love Doc Martin. Seems they have taken him off air in my area. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon. Always knew you had good taste.

  3. We live on the same plain when it comes to our nightly television. Luckily, as a couple, our likes and dislikes are the same. I have the television remote controls. I look to the wife. “What’s on next and what channel?” She tells me, I change the channel, and we’re set for the next half hour or hour. And so goes the whole ritualistic evening…..And you know what? I love it! Thanks for the reminder that or couch at the center of the galaxy ain’t that bad.

  4. What does The Wife call you when she’s in the computer room? 🙂

  5. Nothing like a little galactic travel with Jimmy and Robert to help your equanimity!

  6. Blow the stink off? Well, alright then.

  7. I really love Doc Martin, too. And I’m more of a vinyl collector than taking the time to play them. I’ve been thinking I need to put my record player somewhere with better accessibility so that I’ll play more. Have you ever been to Amoeba Records in Hollywood or Berkeley? I’ve been eager to make another trip and see if I can round out a few artists I’d still like to collect. A single strand of Christmas lights is a very nice touch!

    • Been to the Amoeba in Berkeley. To find good vinyl, especially from the sixties, ya gotta go to specialty stores or Craig’s List. Enjoy them Xmas tree lights.

  8. Yep. Led Zep rules ! Beatles and Doors of course, too/.

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