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Stressed Out

2-4-14 001

At my age, I no longer want to deal with stress again.  No bullshit at work, no sick relationships, no financial worries.  I want some heavy-duty psychic shock absorbers smoothing out all the bumps in the road ahead.  No drama, just a nice constant flat line without emotional spikes.  Hmm…That sounds like being dead.  I wonder if dead people know they’re dead, or are they so dead they don’t know?

Interesting stuff to ponder.  The Bible says there’s gonna be a resurrection of the dead.  My sister, who grew up a Southern California girl, has been living in Germany for the past 35 years.  Sometimes she gets some of her English words mixed up.  On time, when she was referring to Easter, she said it was the time of the “re-erection”.  I knew what she meant resurrection, but hey re-erection/resurrection they’re both the same: bringing something that was dead back to life.

So, adding a little Viagra to blasphemy, something doesn’t make sense to me.  If you accept Jesus before you die (versus Visa or MasterCard), you go right to Heaven.  Ya leave your body behind.  That sounds good to me.  I wouldn’t want to be put back into my body after I die.  Well maybe with a couple of knee replacements, a new hip and shoulders that rotate.  And after those up-grades, I’d like to stay medicated as much as I could. [Wonder if there’s medical marijuana in Heaven?  There’s gotta be!]  Still, I’m not so sure I wanna be put back in my old body, especially after enjoying all that heavenly bliss.  I drove that sucker into the ground.  I think I’d like a newer model.  One with cruise control and heated adjustable seats.


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  1. I am waiting until I can put my consciousness in a cyber unit and can go on and on…….I am an opinionated SOB I would hate for the world to go on without my opinions….LOL

  2. I once read a story about a five year old who had a near death experience, telling his parents about leaving his body and seeing them in another room and revealing things they did there was no way he could have known about. But one thing he said was quite interesting. His mother showed him a picture of his grandfather, her father, who had passed away before he was born, and asked if he had saw him. He said no, but did meet another man who said he was his grandfather. This was confusing because her husband’s father was still alive. While having the photo album out she continued looking through the other photos. Suddenly her son thrust his finger at a picture of her father when he was in his mid thirties, and said, “That’s the man who said he was my grandfather!” Interesting.

  3. we just go round and round until we work out all the kinks and wake up…so they say…

  4. Well, it’s either the next great adventure or it’s oblivion. Either way, I’m not going to worry about it, just going to enjoy what’s here while I’m here 😀

  5. “adding Viagra to blashphemy”: awesome!

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