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12-13-13 003

I sure hope that everyone who stops by here at Hansi’s Hallucinations is healthy and feeling well; even euphoric on occasion.  No illnesses here.  Maybe a little queasiness in your stomach or bad taste in your mouth, but sick?  No way.

I got sick in mid January, when I wrote this.  Normally I’m fairly healthy for a 67 year old guy.  I watch my diet, eat natural foods, workout four times a week, and try to live an eco-friendly, whole wheat, organic gardening, grow your own, granola eating type of lifestyle.  But something was going around in January, and it kicked my ancient ass.  I was “in bed”  sick, with coughing, chills, aches and a fever, and generally feelin’ like shit.

12-13-13 001The worst part about being sick is, you can’t do all the stuff ya usually do and enjoy.  You’re too busy focusing on your body, and doing whatever it takes to feel better.  Your body is all of a sudden driving you, instead of the other way around.  All I wanted to do was alleviate symptoms: take naps, cough drops, stay warm and take more naps.

I had no interest in working out, gardening or even eating granola.  I was solely focused on my body, and how it felt, was how I felt.  Which is also true of good health.  When your body is feeling good and functioning properly, so do you.  I always feel better when I’m feelin’ good.

And speaking of feelin’ good, I started to recover, bounce back, but not as quickly as I used to.  It seemed like there were two beings inside of me.  My mind, and my body.  These two guys are often at odds with each other: “Hey I’m in control”.  “No, I’m in control”.  Sometimes my body get sneaky, and start to screw with my mind, by shutting down a few systems, just to show who’s in control.  But knowing my body has a proclivity to cheap thrills, it can easily be duped, and brought back into control with some good food and exercise.  What a fool.


Comments on: "Sick" (16)

  1. ” I was “in bed” sick, with coughing, chills, aches and a fever, and generally feelin’ like shit”

    Sounds like someone contracted the flu, no?

  2. We live with Dengi here. Pretty sure i’ve had a few times, although my wife doesn’t believe me.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’m still struggling to get over a cold I caught a week ago. Why does every cold I get seem so much worse than the last one? I just want to sleep but that’s been impossible what with the coughing. Ugh.

  4. I try to stay away from other people as much as possible…it’s worked so far 🙂

  5. we all used to laugh at the elderly and their incessant yammering about their health issues…Now we find ourselves doing the same…I’m not laughing any more, and I do take taking care of me seriously…at last…lol….glad you are back to business Hansi…

  6. Not watching the news for a week always makes me feel better.

  7. Oh, I hear ya. Glad you’re better.

  8. Glad you’re on the mend, Hansi. Being ill sucks. I go nuts with just a simple cold – hate it!

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