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On Feeling Good

2-4-14 002

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think everybody (and every thing) wants to feel good, and does whatever it takes to feel that way. Nobody wants to feel angry or pissed-off, grumpy and uncomfortable.  Although one might think otherwise by the number of people out there, just unhappy as hell, pissed-off about something or another, and loving it, transfixed to Fox news.

Well – and this may come as no surprise – I’m in the feel good camp.  And when I’m not there, I’m in the feeling better camp.  Feeling good sure is good, but feeling better is even better!  Funny how that works.

I’m all for people feeling as good as they can.  By whatever means they so choose.  Just so long as it doesn’t destroy them in the process, but then again, self destruction is an option everyone should have.  I just don’t wanna pay for it.  [Feeling like shit, is just a few steps on the other side of  feeling better, so ya gotta what how much better you want to feel].  A lot of folks who feel bad are slowly destroying themselves with negative thinking.  Good stuff doesn’t destroy you, it only makes ya feel better.


Comments on: "On Feeling Good" (13)

  1. That should the entire year-long lesson to be taught to children in Grade 1

  2. love all this logic stuff…feeling better is better than feeling bad which is not as good as feeling pretty good, which is just short of feeling way good…Okay…I think I got it.

  3. “Well – and this may come as no surprise – I’m in the feel good camp.”

    Uh huh. More like the “feeling groovy” camp, eh? 😉 I’m with you on that.

  4. I’ve missed your wisdom Hansi, I feel better after reading that 🙂 Russell.

  5. It also adds to your health….Great words.

  6. I’m a bit of a sponge to negative thinking. I don’t automatically go there, in fact, I’m mostly a very optimistic person, but to feel better, I sure do need a lighter dose of the negativity. It’s constantly swirling and I bat at it like flies!

  7. Just been having a converstion over on Facebook today about Schadenfreude and Gluckschmerz and how negative and self-absorbed they both are. Serendipity 🙂

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