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Just Drawing

Just drawing 004

Right now I’m just drawing and not trying to dream up a bunch of narrative.  Feels good.  It used to be the other way around.  Dream up some mindless B S, and then illustrate it.  That works for me a lot of the time, but takes up a lot of my time and is reminiscent of work.

Sometimes I just like to draw, and then dream up something to go along with it.  But what I really like best, is to just draw something.  Then, having put it aside and out of my mind, write whatever comes to mind.  And after fully recovering from that, just slap the two together and see what I got.  I find that a lot of my drawings fit quite well, metaphorically, with all the metaphors I’ve just written.

Just drawing 003


Comments on: "Just Drawing" (4)

  1. forcing stuff never works. Just let ‘er flow…as it flows…

  2. Try standing on your head. Maybe the flow will then be uphill…

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