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Life Without The Internet


Have you ever thought about what life would be like without the Internet?  No computer, no social media, not being privy to what’s going ‘viral’ at the moment.   Well, I have.  Not because I’m having some kind of big Luddite born again experience, but because my Internet service jumped from $19.95 a month to $41.  Got me to thinkin’, “fuck that shit”, that’s way too much to pay just to have a wealth of bullshit at my fingertips.

I can live without email.  Most of which are one line messages to my  buddies asking if they wanna go to the $3 movie, or a bunch of geezer-laden nasty-ass jokes and dirty pictures I’d hate The Wife to see.  And if you were to look at my Spam, you’d think that I’m nothing more than some horny bastard with a small dick who likes Russian women, and who’s head over heels in debt.  Blogging is fun, but sometimes seems like work;  I can get all the news I can stand on TV.

So why the big increase?  I sorta knew it was coming when I decided to “bundle” my phone, TV and Internet into one neat little inexpensive package a year ago.  It was great the first year, but now my “bundling” has turned into a “buggering”, and I’m on the receiving end of a big slice of corporate intercourse.

Forty one bucks a month?  I wasn’t gonna take that laying down (doggie style maybe), so I got on the phone and called AT&T.  After talking to a shit-load of friendly machines, I finally got to a human being, who even worked in America, and gave them a song and dance about how I was a senior citizen living on Social Security, and couldn’t afford $41 a month. [That was mostly true except for the parts I left out; guess it was a sin of omission, instead of commission.  I prefer sins of emission].  Well no problem, a nice young man offered me a reduced deal for $29.95 a month.  Same service, same speed, he’d just have to get his supervisor’s approval.  That took a nano second, and I jumped on it.  Nothing like a little K-Y Jelly to sweeten the deal.

What a bunch of bullshit!  Worse than common dope dealers from whom the first fix is always free, Corporate America wants to lure us into their net with all these wonderful enticements, and then slowly suck us dry once we’re hooked.

I pity the poor fools who just accept this crap and say, “Oh Well.”   Or, don’t even realize they’re getting screwed.  If I had half the testosterone my Spam claims I need, I’d just say “Fuck em”.  Quit their service, for a few days , and then come back to get the $13.95 U-verse special they’re offering all over the place, and start all over again.

Who foolin’ who here?

3-3-12 003


Comments on: "Life Without The Internet" (20)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’ve cut my costs way, way down to practically nothing. So, I just put up with the big bill, hoping it doesn’t get bigger. I’d like to dump my landline for good, but I’m not ready to yet.

  2. ” Well no problem, a nice young man offered me a reduced deal for $29.95 a month.”

    I have learned that if you’re willing to take the time you can negotiate lower costs on a lot of things, on-line and at the stores.

    For the record too. I wish my Verizon FIOS, which has the contract for this area, was only $41 a month. I’m currently paying $79 for Internet only. The rate would likely be smaller if I bundled, but I don’t have cable or a land line and in the long haul my annual costs are much lower. The router for my internet service allows me to hook up to apps on a blue ray DVD player where I can get Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Pay Per View movies and much more, allowing me to select just those services I would truly use on a regular basis.

    • 79 bucks a month??? Talk about taking it in the shorts. But I think you’re ahead of the curve doing Netflix, Hulu , and all that other mumbo jumbo.

  3. I’ve ran into the same thing with our bill for our two cell phones. Absolutely drives me up a wall!

    • Richard,

      you might want to try the cell phone company I use called Credo Mobil. It tends to keep rates reasonable and a portion of what you pay goes to various social causes you get to personally select. I’m currently paying $130 a month for two phones with unlimited calling and texting. They are the type of company that if you felt their pricing became unreasonable you could talk to a real person and negotiate lowering it. Every two years when and if you renew your contract with them you can upgrade at least one phone for free.

    • Also, part of what I like about selecting various social causes is I get a chance to go after Verizon, my internet provider, for their capitulation with the government on NSA spying. 🙂

  4. Welcome to the world of gaming the tech providers. Been doing it for years, but each time it gets a little bit harder to get a good “discount”. I love how “competition” regulates the marketplace…NOT!

  5. Franken is working on this sort of thing right now in Congress I believe…but you are right, you can negotiate with them..we do all the time with Direct TV…if it were not for sports we’d probably dump it completely since you can get most of it on the computer now..My husband is still afraid he can’t pick up the games he wants..But they think they have a captive audience and frankly there isn’t much competition is there?

  6. something tells me we are getting screwed by Verizon…$114 per for 2 phones and no texting…anybody got ideas?

  7. We do this from time to time, too. Phone up, whine, get a reduction.

    Good job!

  8. Good for you. We’re about to ditch our landline because they’re going to put the prices up here in the UK too. Husb is brilliant at wheeling and dealing these sort of things.

  9. I can’t live without it, but I certainly look for time during the day to be away from it. When I get the chance, I try to enjoy an “analog afternoon”, where I duck into a cafe to write in my journal with a fountain pen or spill ink into a sketchbook.

  10. LOVE the drawings, (and the internet, so I just gave up my landline.

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