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Pencil for Pencil’s Sake

pencil man

For Heaven’s sake!  You’ve probably heard that one before, maybe even mumbled it to yourself upon reading some of the B S that features prominently on this blog.  Well, I was drawing one night, and got into drawing with a pencil…for pencil’s sake.  Nothing fancy, just a plain ol’ yellow #2 pencil, with eraser on the end, exploring what one can do with graphite fashioned into a phallic-like object.

Drawings 002Everybody has used a “lead’ pencil.  It was probably the first thing you learned to write the alphabet with, and primary drawing instrument used as a child.  I knew from a young age that I’d be an artist when I grew up, cause all my teachers always told me, “Hansi, stop daydreaming.  Get to work and get the lead out”.  To me that always meant it was time to draw.

Kids love to draw.  Just give them a pencil and a bunch of paper, and they’ll draw their little asses off.  My two grandsons do, and love it.  Maybe that’s because grandma (aka The Wife) was an art teacher, and there’s reams of paper and every art supply imaginable laying around the hose.  Five year old Logan drew the picture of an ice cream truck, complete with music playing and kids with ice cream cones.

Drawings 001

So anyway, all these drawing were done with a # 2 pencil, on cheap paper scavenged from some recycle bin or thrift store.  For me, it was kinda like getting down to basics.  All my early drawings posted on this blog were in pencil (like the one on top).  It was only later that I started to use ink, and later than that even, color, because it photo-shopped better.

Drawings 004


Comments on: "Pencil for Pencil’s Sake" (16)

  1. Love the first pic. Sort of an iconic reminder of my days as a pencil pushing accountant!

  2. I always liked drawing with a pencil. Like charcoal, a simple rubbing of the finger does wonderful shading.

  3. I keep seeing that Ipad commericial where the Ipad is beside the #2 pencil and they ask, “where will it go next” and then they pick up the Ipad and I keep wishing that it was the pencil instead, because we have lost something when we lost the pencil as our primary writin’ tool. Don’t know what exactly, but we did.

  4. I must have started drawing with crayons. My mom saved a bunch of my stuff, but it’s crayon.

  5. Enjoyed this post Hansi, wonder why so many people loose that sense of fun we had back when we were drawing as children? My Gran used to let me draw with felt tips on the underside of the kitchen table and cupboards. It’s evident you haven’t lost your sense of fun Hansi. Best regards, Russell.

  6. First drawing evokes the memory of how I felt when my junior school teacher told me I couldn’t draw…”pull your socks up Clinock” she said, so I did, and got slapped for that too…

  7. Although being able to erase is key, even an eraser isn’t enough to save me from my complete lack of artistic ability.

  8. Great drawings all. Yeah, nothing like the humble pencil.

  9. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    There’s something about the mechanical pencil that I truly love. I draw with them before I use anything else.

  10. Many young illustrators and designers I come across may be able to rock crazy vector crap on a Mac, but put a pencil in their hands and they’re almost lost. I deal with plenty of pixels all day, but there’s something timeless and ever appreciable about lines of graphite and ink. This was a great post, thanks for writing it (and as always, love the drawings, just don’t chew on those pencils!)

  11. I like the feel of a pencil when I’m doodling…which is the full extent of any drawing I do! I love that Logan included musical notes! And they’re so accurate. Talent must run in the family. 🙂

  12. Back to basics is good

  13. Pencil drawings. What will you come up with next?

  14. How smart is Logan drawing sound? Wow. Nice to have a grandson to play with, Hansi x

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