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A Spiritual Autobahn

11-20-13 008

I’m toying with the idea of getting back on a more spiritual path.  Not a big God type of thing. Definitely not something where I’m gonna get ‘saved’.  I did that once, and it took a long time to get myself unsaved mentally. [One thing I could never figure out about getting saved so ya wouldn’t end up spending all eternity burning in Hell, is that after you die, all that’s supposedly left is your soul, and how can something that is spirit burn up and feel pain when your body is dead?]

I want something with some degree of structure, and a logical belief system which I don’t just have to take on faith.  I guess I want my “path” to be more like the German Autobahn.

I’ve been to good ol’ Deutschland twice and got to experience the Autobahn to it’s fullest.  Germany is really cool, especially if you’re German, or of German ancestry.  Everything is clean and orderly.  The Germans have a rule for everything, and everybody follows them.  Maybe that’s their Achilles Heel, but not to worry, they even have rules for excessive rule-following.  The only place where there’s no rules is on the Autobahns; there are no speed limits.  So when it comes to driving your Mercedes or BMW, you can haul ass and go as fast as you want.  Go figure that one out.

So the analogy of an ‘autobahn’ is where I want to go spiritually.  You know where you’re going and where you’ll end up (but not really cause if you’ve never been there ya really don’t know what it’s like), but there’s no rules, regulations, or church hierarchy you have to obey along the way.  Follow your heart, as fast as you want.


Comments on: "A Spiritual Autobahn" (12)

  1. Interesting, Hansi. But why?

  2. I would sure hate to bet my my forever and ever on it.

  3. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Maybe you really want to be a humanist.

  4. Jane Roberts (Seth books) might be what you’re looking for.

  5. I’m not a fan of the rules either. Love the illuminating Illustration.

  6. Beautiful drawing, Hansi

  7. Follow your heart, as fast as you want 😀 (And, if the guy in front of you is not following their heart as fast as you’d like and they’re holding you up, RIDE THEIR ASS!)

  8. Hail Satan…! 🙂

  9. Gede Prama said:

    Amazing and thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles

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