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When I first started blogging about three years ago, I followed a guy who wrote about successful retirement lifestyles, how you could have one too, and fancied himself to be a lifestyle coach who could make a fortune blogging. And you know what?  I was laying around one afternoon listening to music, and thought, “Hey I can be a retirement lifestyle coach too.”   How hard could it be?  All ya gotta do is lay around the house all day and watch TV.  Plus, I’m a fairly opinionated guy, who has no qualms about giving folks unsolicited advice.

So….The fist key: Don’t Overdo It!

The Wife and I are in the process of redoing out dinning room.  Getting rid off the old curtains and wallpaper, repainting, the whole nine yards (guess we didn’t learn our lesson after doing the kitchen re-model last year).  A pretty big job for an old retired guy.  Thirty years ago when I was younger, in my prime, had more energy and was getting layed on a regular bi-weekly basis; no problemo.  I could whip that sucker out in a weekend, but not no more!  Everything now is just a slight bit more painful, and not only do I have to look forward to hours of aching drudgery, I first gotta move thirty years of accumulated bullshit, and have The Wife find a new temporary home for all that crap, before the torture begins.

10-1-13 009When a friend stopped by and saw the process going on, he suggested that if I where to work more than just three hours a day, this project would be done in no time.  But no!  Being the lifestyle coach that I am, I told him that while on the surface that may appear to be true, in reality it would be the other way around.

If I where to work, say eight hours a day on this project, I’d destroy my body, and need to take a shit-load of drugs to ease the pain.  And everybody knows that when ya take a shit-load of drugs, you’re not very productive all day.  Plus, (drawing on my experience as a probation officer), using a shit-load of drugs on a regular basis, can lead to addiction, and with addiction, the daily need to feed your  habit…to the point where ya got a little “problem” going on, and end up being put in Detox by your kids, followed by a ninety day Residential Program which probably ain’t covered by MediCare, and costs a fortune to boot.  Then there’d be the follow-up out-treatment program with daily meetings to attend.

So, it’s plain to see, that working harder at some goal, does not necessarily mean your goal will be reached quicker.  On the contrary, working too hard at something could mean you’ll never get it done.

Nope.  You never wanna Overdo anything.


Comments on: "Another Key to a Successful Retirement Lifestyle" (14)

  1. When my wife’s parents were alive, she was always frustrated with her mother because her mother was always on her father to do this chore or that, not taking into consideration his age and physical well-being. It was as if she could not accept that they were getting old, and just couldn’t do the same task they did a few years back. My wife’s frustrations from back then have become quite ironic. Because now my wife treats me the same way. “We need to take that cedar tree down and dig up the roots.” (She always says “we,” but of course we is really me). When I reply, “Okay, Mick, I’ll get right on it,” she knows I’m referring to her mother, and a not-so-subtle reminder of why she got angry with her mother. Of course it doesn’t always work, but its worth a try.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Since my mom moved in with me, she’s gotten me involved in quite a few back-breaking chores I would never have tackled. She wants me to paint the front of the house. She says she’ll help, but I know I’ll do the bulk of the work. And it will take several weekends that I just don’t want to give up. I remodeled my pantry recently and it took almost four entire weekends to finish it up. It was exhausting. I wanted to pay someone to do it, but I did it myself. No more. It’s too much for me.

    • I talked my husband to going to the mission and picking up a worker to clean his garage…It was too much for him and I, and in 4 hours the guy had it cleaned up nicely. Was worth the money to us. Age means trading money for work more than I would have ever thought.

    • I’m with ya on paying someone else to do the labor, especially if you’re still working. It’s a win win situation without the need for orthopedic surgery.

  3. How do I tear this blog off the page and burn it before my husband reads it?

  4. I’ve always been the slow plodder, even when I was 40 years younger. I always finish the job, but I do it in my own way and in my own time. Haven’t minded being the tortoise rather than the hare at all. I am getting pickier about my projects though. If they don’t really interest me, they aren’t going to happen.

  5. My creed for years now (to the utter frustration of my wife) is “why do today what you can do tomorrow?” I think it was Mark Twain who said, “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today”.

  6. I can’t quite believe you’re not in fine form, Hansi. You make me smile xx

  7. That’s a rather lovely horse

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