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Eating After Dinner

3-20-12 005

One of the best ways I’ve found to keep my weight under tolerable control, is by not eating after dinner.  Whether ya call it dinner, supper, or the evening meal (I could never get that dinner/supper thing straight), that’s it.  What ever you wanna call it, that was the last feeding of the day, and it’s time for no more.  Usually, for me, the evening meal isn’t just a time to take the edge off of hunger, but a time to smash it thoroughly, so I end up feeling not satisfied, but stuffed.  And those ‘hunger pains’ I start to feel just before bedtime, are not really pains so much as symptoms of relief, that my stomach is finally shrinking back to its normal size after being distended to its max.

eat 001I’ve found that eating after dinner, is an easy ass-fattening behavior that I can give up without feeling like I’m depriving myself of anything….except yummy deserts. 😦   On the positive side, I’m sleeping better, and feeling better too.  The problem is, I can’t have dinner late in the evening like when we visit some of our more cosmopolitan friends.  They eat late, like at eight o’clock at night.  Damn, that’s like eating an hour before bed for me.  And I hate laying there in bed, feeling uncomfortable, tossing and turning cause I ate too much too late.  [Sure tasted good though].

And you know what else gets me?  These friends like to act ‘European’, and eat their salads last!  I could never understand that.  You always eat  salads (especially those made with homegrown organic lettuces) First!  That’s what ya get first in restaurants.  Cause it’s like a little teaser for you digestive system.  Loaded with vitamins, minerals , and fiber, salads are way of telling your intestines, “Get ready down there, a lot of greasy-ass grub is comin’ your way.”  Eating salad last is conversely like saying, “I told ya so.”

But seriously, if you are looking for a way to keep your weight under control.  Try not eating after dinner.  I know I don’t need all them extra calories (laying around the house all day dreaming up blog posts is not exactly strenuous exercise), and who knows?  Ya might end up feeling a whole lot better.

fat man

The above is not a self portrait 🙂


Comments on: "Eating After Dinner" (28)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yes, dinner should end the eating festival for the day. I eat dinner fairly early – 5:15 ish and so I’m sometimes listening to my stomach growl when I crawl into bed around 8:30. Imagine how difficult it would be if I went to bed at a normal hour like 10 pm. Some evenings it’s a battle to not snack, but generally I manage not to.

  2. I’m a fan of multiple small meals.

  3. How do you keep the munchies at bay?
    I love that fat assed person. Funny drawing.

  4. I gotta change my routine. I usually skip breakfast and lunch, supper at six and then up all night for sweets.

  5. After dinner snacks were never a real problem with me until I quit smoking. To quit I used one of those nicotine patches. Does anyone know of a 24 hour snack patch?

  6. Gotta have my fruit smoothy an hour or two before bed which, like you, is early. 9-9:30 most nights. The natural sugars in it metabolize quicker, unlike hi-fructose corn syrup sweeteners.

    • A smoothy, even with natural sugar (HFC’s are really bad news and should be avoided at all cost), is easily digested and won’t sit in your stomach all night long reminding you of what a little piggie you were 🙂

  7. findingmyinnercourage said:

    Excellent Blog and oh so true! Bravo!

  8. Great drawings Hansi!

  9. Great drawings and advice! I remember hearing somewhere that you sleep better and have better mental health if you haven’t eaten for 4-6 hours before you go to sleep.

    • That’s probably so. Your body isn’t busy trying to digest a load of junk, which lets ya focus more on your nightmares 🙂

  10. We have our main meal at 1pm and have a sandwich or whatever around 7:30. In bed at 10. Can’t say it’s exactly working, but we like it. I like being “done” with the work at 2 pm. Weird I guess.

    • Actually not weird. I remember my grandparents in Wisconsin having the main meal around noon, and just something light in the evening. That’s not to say that doing such is an indicator of old age 🙂

  11. Have you ever noticed that if you go to bed on a full stomach you wake up starving in the morning? One more reason I don’t eat late.

  12. We try to avoid late dinners … which means we exhibit Hansi-like tendencies …. and the opening pics makes me wonder if Hot Dog Man originated with the ancient Greeks.

  13. I think Hot Dog man originated with the ancient Germans 😉

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