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Floaters and Floating

circles 001

Ya ever stare off, not focusing on anything in particular, and see all these weird little floating things on you eyeballs?  Or close your eyes and watch balls of color explode and blend into different shapes?  Well I do. And it’s not because I dropped a lot of Acid in college; I didn’t.  It just happens, kinda like a free light-show, just like what the guys in these drawings are experiencing.

circles 002Do you ever wish you could just float through life and experience everything without effort and with ease?  Nice fantasy, but I think I’d get tired of that after a few daze days.  I like action, but action tends to lead to stress, and I like mellowing out more than stressing out.  When you’re floating through life, there’s little friction, little resistance.  “Going with the flow.”

Sounds like a catchy phrase.  Must have been an A A slogan like, “One day at a time”.   A little worn out maybe, but still packed with a lot of truth.  I love A A slogans; they’re just so right on.  One of my favorites is “Stinkin’ thinkin'”.  That’s when you have this great brain storm, and decide to pursue some endeavor that will only lead to your ruin.  For alcoholics it means justifying and deluding yourself into having a drink.  For those of us who aren’t alcoholics, it basically means you’re full of shit.

There’s sure a lot of sober folks in the United States Congress who are guilty of some big time stinkin’ thinkin’.  I bet they’ll never try and shut down the government again over a little thing like health care. [Now that’s stinkin’ thinkin’].

circles 003


Comments on: "Floaters and Floating" (14)

  1. I would hedge my bets on Congress.

    • I’m not holding my breath. We could be doing a little political deja-vu come January/February next year. We’re doomed.

  2. Now of course you know what I thought this post was about based on the title.

  3. The smaller the pond, the more the competition to be the biggest fraud….uh, Frog! 😉

  4. Oh I hope your government gets its act together. China is coming up fast economically and the USA can’t afford this infighting. It’s bizarre.

  5. Are they stinkin’ thinkin’ or not think’in at all?

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