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10-1-13 007

I don’t live what you’d call a stressful life, where you’re always on the go dealing with a bunch of bullshit.  Even the four hours I go to The House of Pain and work for the Probation Department a couple times a week, aren’t really ‘stressful’, it’s more like boring drudgery that ya get paid for.  My daily chores aren’t stressful.  Mowing the lawn is pretty much stress-free, but still a pain in the ass.

Maybe it’s my resistance to certain tasks that’s causing me to stress-out.  When you’re always pushing back at something, that causes a friction, which results in stress.  Perhaps if my attitude changed towards lawn mowing, things would be different.  But that would entail firing up a joint, and hitting the lawn (a little grass before cutting the grass) after I’d had a puff or two (or three, or four).  Pretty trippy.

But that could result in a shitty job, with none of the lines across the lawn being straight, or the sidewalks edged well.  Plus, ya always run the risk of deciding half way through, that some lawnmower sculpting is the best idea you’ve ever had, and ya end up making crop circles in your lawn, which when viewed from above, look like a pack of dogs came by and shit on your lawn.

But all stress is not necessarily bad, leading you to do weird shit in front of your house.  There’s good stress, like in exercising, where ya feel exhilarated after pushing yourself.  So all stress is not inherently bad.  Just like cholesterol.  There’s good cholesterol (like in fish and olive oil) and bad cholesterol: the lard they cook all your french fries in, which makes em taste oh so good.  Put a little salt (bad) on em, maybe some pepper too (good), and you be in hog heaven.

It’s funny how everything has a dark side.  You can have a glass of red wine, and a piece of chocolate every night, and that’s good for you.  But too much, and it’ll come around and bite ya in the ass.  Sunshine is good, and makes everything in my garden grow, plus it provides me with vitamins A and D.  But if I stand outside in the sun too long, I could catch skin cancer.  Go figure.

10-1-13 012

Now here’s some real stress for ya. The above drawing was my first attempt at this image.  I really got into it, being careful to get it just right.  But after I inked it, I realized I’d mis-spelled Stress, and drew Stess instead.  What a F***ing idiot.  And yes I did yell out the F-word.  How’s that for some stress.  Luckily I was able to fix it by drawing a big R in the background so nobody would know I fucked up.


Comments on: "Stress" (17)

  1. “And yes I did yell out the F-word. How’s that for some stress. “

    A great stress reliever. Also a great time for a doobie. 🙂

  2. Omg….lol….Hansi, I adore you.
    I’m going to adopt you. 🙂

  3. mowing a lawn…how quaint. 🙂 tee hee.

  4. R is for RECOVERY!

  5. That one word pretty much describes my week, not only with the R, but with the five other letters, all in caps. I think I’ve earned my weekend beers!

  6. Drink up my friend.

  7. Hey Hans! Fun to see your blog. (You are my first) Boy! Can I relate! But what the heay, sculpted lawns are wonderful.
    It’s also fund to see that pthers besides me make are with word and then find out they’ve left out major letters. Nice coverup! Impressive.

  8. You created a quick recovery with the inserted R. Stress does something to our brains and our vision. It was clearly a sign you needed to get some good rest this weekend. Another good R word!

  9. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I finally started taking Zumba classes. It is a magnificent stress-reliever.

  10. Stress is a major factor in health. My ex wife who I have been happily divorced from for some 30 years, made mountains out of every mole hill. Though 5 years younger than me, she now looks 20 years older, and takes enough pills to fill a drawer.

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