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That’s one of my categories down there on the lower right, and it encompasses the bulk of my posts. A lot of times, my posts fall into the “Bizarre But True” category, cause there’s always a little bit of truth (as I perceive it) in most of my writings.  There’s also a lot of stuff “Ripe For Ridicule”.  And, although I don’t see it that way, some people think “What A Wanker” (whatever that is) after reading my stuff.  Well, today, all those categories are fitting into to my seldom used category of “Politics That Piss Me Off”.

This government shutdown over the budget and raising the debt ceiling is making me crazy.  Seems like a group of Hillbilly Congressmen think they can bring the United States Government to its knees, in an attempt to resend a health-care law passed by a majority and found to be constitutional, and flirt with economic disaster, holding the country hostage while doing so..  And now, when it’s starting to back-fire on them, claim the President won’t negotiate, and want some sort of “deal” so they can save face.

Everyone living outside the United states must be thinking, “What the fuck is going on”.  My sister in Germany says that could never happen over there.  Well that’s because you gave right-wing Fascism a try, and it didn’t work out so well.  Anyway, we’re getting down to the wire with this debt ceiling thing, with all the predictions from people that don’t have their heads up their asses being: Calamity, Disaster, another recession to come. With Armageddon just around the corner, how is one to deal with it all?

Srah and TedWell…You know I have a rich imagination; a penchant for general insanity (not to mention all things in bad taste), plus, I also have the ‘Hots’ for Sarah Palin.  So after I saw her and Texas Senator Ted Cruz [that’s Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz; sounds Mexican to me…I’d sure like to see his birth certificate] show up at a Tea Party demonstration outside the closed for business World War Two Memorial, and carry on about the evils of  Obama-Care, I thought, “What a bunch of hypocritical opportunists!”

After my anger subsided, I started thinking,  “Wow, this would make a great Porno Flick”.  What if Ted and Sarah, after busily working up the crowd of demonstrators, demonstrated how they could work on each other.  I can see it now.  With microphones in hand, shouting out the evils of Obama-Care, and how it’s the worst thing to happen to this country since we freed the slaves and the South lost the war, Teddy boy starts to get hot with all this right-wing foreplay.  Sarah (getting a little wet herself) unbuttons her blouse, finally revealing a little cleavage (we all knew she had a nice pair), and so the action  begins.  The Tedster, subtly moves in back of Sarah, and starts a bump and grind that strangely mimics the frenzy of their audience. Sarah, knowing that Alaska is a big state, starts to wonder about the size of Texas, and…

Okay…here’s where it could get a little raunchy and move right over into the Wankering category.  So if conservatives copulating ( but not copulating conservatively) offends you, ya better move on to your next blog and find out how life living with nine cats is going. [I know this is pretty sick stuff, but not as nauseating as some of the political stunts these two have preformed, tailor-made for ten second sound-bites.]

A few scenarios could play out here: Sarah could drop to her knees and take a tour of the Lone Star State, or, they could run off to the bushes where twenty paparazzi lay in waiting along with camera crews for all the major news networks, and explore every position mentioned in the Karma Sutra. Teddy boy, having fully recovered from his thirty hours of reading Dr Seuss to an empty Senate chamber, proves himself once again to be a man of considerable stamina.

Well….so much for my rich fantasy life.  This could never happen in reality, and is just a figment of my filthy imagination.  Maybe it’s all about how ya look at things.  I know with all this political drama going on, I’ve got a front row seat and can’t wait to see who what comes next 🙂

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Comments on: "General Insanity" (21)

  1. I once served under a Major Insanity while stationed in Vietnam but the Generals were all usually pretty sane. I guess rank and time subdues the gung-ho junior officer fucks who annoy their men with all that spit and polish crappola.

  2. There is a scripture that says it best. “In their own wisdom they became fools.”

  3. Hilarious! You have a way with words for sure.

    Too bad the American People are on the bottom of that little ménage a trois!

  4. I want that image of Palin removed from my head

  5. For this republican the Tea Party wingnuts are an embarrassment. Wish they would form their own party. House speaker needs the guts to tell them to get lost.

    • One can only hope that John Boehner finally mans-up to these thugs. They are killing the Republican Party, which from a Democrat point of view is a good thing 🙂

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Well, we’re all being eff’d over this fiasco.

  7. Well …. Nincompoop is good for one thing, and he nailed it … or want to nail it … but this is the best correlation of porn and politics I’ve ever!

  8. The CIA haven’t deleted this post yet? SP must be out of the running for good 😉

  9. Lyin’ and (political) Tigers, and bares, oh my. 😉 I see why Frank likes this site.

  10. Noooooooooooo so very wrong!

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