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The Middle

Middle 014

When you’re in the middle of something, you’ve pretty much committed yourself to a particular task, relationship, plan or some endeavor.  You didn’t just start it, nor are you anywhere near its completion.  Nope.  You’re in there slogging away, ensconced, lovin’ it or hating it; you’re smack dab in the middle.

It’s just like the Equinox we just had in September.  That’s when the days were just as long as the nights.  Summer is over, and we’re heading into the time when the days are getting shorter and shorter, until that time when we have the shortest day (and longest night) of the year, and the sun appears to dropping off the end of the world into oblivion.  And, in order to coax it back because our heating bills are skyrocketing, we hold ceremonies and decorate evergreen trees with lights and hang fertility orbs on them so we can merrily fornicate our socks off in a drunken stupor with the hopes of seducing the sun into coming back to us.

Thank god we don’t have to do all that shit anymore like all those idiotic unsaved heathens did way back when.  Now we can merrily fornicate our way through the Yule Tide season with our socks on.

So anyway, putting fertility rites aside, I reached the middle of my Utrecht sketchbook  You can tell by the string binding going down the middle.  I don’t often, and in fact never do, draw on both sides of a sketchbook, like so many other art bloggers do.  It just doesn’t seem right to me.  A page is for one drawing and one drawing only.  And if you can’t get it all on one page due to your lack of planning, ya don’t cheat and go over to the left-hand side, you either take up writing novels, or better yet, buy a bigger sketchbook for your obviously overextended work.  So you can’t go out and buy cheapo 5×8 sketchbooks and expect to do Jackson Pollock sized work.  And you’ll notice that Jackson too, only painted on one side of his canvas, Not Both!

Middle 016Well, enough of this conservative thinking and right-page ideology.  It’s time to cross the artistic aisle sorta speak, and see what the left has to offer. Plus, ya gotta try everything once (with the hope it doesn’t come around and bite ya in the ass).  And, we are heading into winter, so why not celebrate this Art Equinox by filling both sides with fertility symbols, while looking forward to a new year of drawing.

Sounds good to me….wonder where my socks went?

Middle 015


Comments on: "The Middle" (14)

  1. definitely a party on this page. I love it. Pretty pastels and mr hotdog whom I have grown to love. When the hell does DST get over? I’m so tired of moving our tramp through the desert back farther and farther to at least have enough light to see where I’m walking!

  2. First volume of 100 cartoons book will be out soon and I wanted right page one side only. That would cost $26 without royalty. Seems both sides may knock 20% off that. It’s just that full color is very expensive to manufacture and publisher charges by the page.

  3. This is under General Insanity. Can I visit even if I’m just a Corporal? 😉

  4. every single word

  5. That’s the best drawing of a curved ass with nipples I’ve ever seen.

  6. Very political–Hot Dogs on the left AND right!

    Love the colors and concept!

  7. You’ve exposed us to a whole new dimension of art sketching Hans. My knowledge base is more full now. THANKS A LOT! 🙂

  8. Great color and comp. Hansi!

  9. Both sides?! You rebel you.

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