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10-1-13 008

Dreaming up all the dumb shit I have to say on this blog is only surpassed in difficulty by having to draw something to accompany it.  You might think it’s easy to lay around and draw whatever comes to my mind, but it isn’t.  A lot of preparation goes into it.

First of all, I only draw at night, and that’s after dinner.  So dinner preparation is a big part of getting ready, especially if ya wanna eat cooked food and not just stand out in the garden and munch away like all the critters that plague me do, (little fuckers).  So if you’re gonna cook, you got to have a glass of wine.  Can’t cook without wine.  It helps take the edge off of the day, and let’s you mellow out.

10-1-13 011Being the geezers that we are, The Wife and I always eat while watching TV in our recliner chairs (draw the line at TV trays).  And, what do we watch while eating dinner?  Why the Food channel of course!  Don’t wanna watch the news, you’d get too angry and pissed to the point that ya wouldn’t enjoy your meal.  The Food channel puts ya in the mood for eating, just the way watching a porno gets ya in the mood for that once a month (whether you need it or not) bout of love making.  [Nothing like watching a pro do it…cooking that is].  One also doesn’t want to watch all them “abs”, or “I hate my butt” workout infomercials.  All you’ll do is think, “I’m too damned fat” and never enjoy your meal.

So, after dinner is done, and ya have a little wine buzz going on (but not too much or you’ll feel like shit the next day),  Ya got to choose the right music.  No easy task.  Should I listen to classic 60’s psychedelic rock or maybe some hot tasty blues by some Texas guitar-slinger?  Hmmm. It’s all good stuff.  Jimi Hendrix wins out a lot of the time.

Finally, after The Wife has migrated to the computer room, I get out my sketchbook, put on my earphones and let it rip.  All the drawings in this post were done while I was ripped 🙂

10-1-13 010

Comments on: "Sitting Around Waiting For Something To Draw" (12)

  1. If I draw when I’m ripped all that results is pics of torn clothing.

  2. A “little” wine buzz…. that’s the important part, and here’s the explanation:

  3. so if you don’t use tv trays, do you just hold the plate with one hand? I’m trying to picture this.

  4. Next time you need some inspiration, why not try to come up with better album covers for some classic albums (but leave Disraeli Gears alone).

  5. Love what happens when you wear your earphones!

  6. what became of the herbal supplements?

  7. Hahahaha tell it like it is!

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