mind expanding nonsense

HDS 02

Hey, Hot Dog Man’s back!  Didn’t think I’d just leave that one in the dust like so many other of my themes.  If ya got a good gimmick going, you wanna ride that sucker into the ground. Take the McDonald’s golden arches, that happy place where you eat shitty food, they’ve been around for decades.  Anyway, who ever tires of seeing  penoid phallic shapes, especially when cleverly disguised as a harmless character who’s overdosed on testosterone.  I sure don’t.

So when a drawing starts going south on ya, and worse yet, you started it in your good Utrecht brown paper sketchbook, no problem.  Just throw Hot Dog Man into the mix, and nobody notices the weaker parts of the work.  Their attention is drawn away from the poor choice of colors, especially in the hat.  (Barf green. what was I thinkin’? ) They’re too fascinated with ol’ HD, and are probably letting their filthy minds wonder who he’s gonna pork next.


Comments on: "Hot Dog Man Saves Another Bad Drawing" (15)

  1. being a bit self-critical today are we?

  2. “Anyway, who ever tires of seeing penoid phallic shapes,”

    Farts and phallic shapes have a way of bringing a grin to our faces.

    • Ya gotta be careful though and not get your face too close to them farts and penoid shapes 🙂


  3. Like all good superheros he’s there when you truly need him!

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve seen HDM …. Building off of IB’s comment, a drawing of Hot Dog Man passing gas would seem fitting for geezerhood.

  5. I’ve seen you hanging around over at FrankAngle’s. After I published a post about being 69, and losing focus, and doing shit for a whole day (and maybe longer) Frank suggested I try your site, especially the Geezerhood article.

    I see some respected names and gravatars agree with him. If a squirrel doesn’t distract me, I’ll try to remember to stop by. The only thing I can draw, is mistaken conclusions.

    My personal favorite for tele-marketers is, when I say hello, and there is that 1 – 2 second delay, and then I hear the boiler-room background, I just don’t speak anymore. The more desperate, Paki-accented “hellos” I get, the more points I score. 😆

  6. Would you think I have a filthy mind if I pointed out that it looks like HDM is packing?

  7. wonder who he’s gonna pork next – I prefer beef but “whoya gonna beef next” just doesn’t come across right.

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