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I’m not the greatest colorist in the world.  In fact, I struggle with the use of color.  I prefer things in black and white.  It’s a lot easier that way.  Things are more clear.  Kinda like following the rules.  Either you are, or aren’t.  Not a lot of room in between.  Well, there are exceptions to the rules.  You could Almost be following the rules; a hell of a lot better than flat-out Not following them at all.  But still technically, not be a rule follower.  That’s because almost means you ain’t quite there yet (close but no cigar). So having no quite (although still very close) achieving follower status, one is still a non-follower.

Rule followers tend to shun non-followers, or look upon them as less than human or even Barbarians. [It’s funny how all cultures throughout history have looked upon their neighbors as Barbarians.]  Of course they’re more than happy to embrace you once you’ve learned your lesson and have fully converted to being a rule follower.   Then you’re one of them, and not one of those.

Perhaps I should re-think this whole black and white thing.  Maybe adding shades of gray and off-white, along with the careful use of color, could add more clarity to my work, or at least be a lot more fun.


Comments on: "Thoughts On A Square Piece Of Paper" (4)

  1. It surprises me to hear that you aren’t confident working with color. I find the way you shade and use the colors really appealing. You’re doing something right!

  2. art reflects psyche. 🙂

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