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Entering Another World

9-14-13 001

For me, drawing is like entering another world, and leaving the old one behind.  I get to relax, focus and deal with whatever comes to mind.  Working into it, developing images, using my skills in a skillful manner, to crank out what can only best be described as a bunch of bullshit.  It’s really enjoyable being in a place like that.  Insulated from the outside world, but still being present in it.

Maybe it’s a bit like meditation. Not this New Age, Guided Imagery, Astral Projection happy horseshit, where only pleasant thoughts are generated whilst in La-la Land [I’ve been there before, the people are really friendly].  But the kind where you focus on the breath, watching and being present with the in-breath, and then the out-breath.  Simple huh? Only problem is you can get distracted and witness whole worlds giving birth, living, and then dying; all between breaths.  That’s where I tend to get off subject when I sit in meditation.  Maybe because the content of all that thinking is really interesting and pretty juicy at times.

Thank god we don’t just inhale all the time, but exhale too. Gives me a chance to wake-up, and with it the realization that Wow, that was a good one.  Wonder what’s gonna happen next.

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Comments on: "Entering Another World" (9)

  1. Even the best at meditation talk about rewriting whole books during their sitting time. It’s a process, and the process is the important thing, never the actual “success”, although those moments of soaring in an infinite space are rather heady I must say. It’s entirely possible to be in that state “doing” something. It’s just called being “in the moment” I guess. Same general idea though I believe.

  2. hayden's lyric said:

    I’m down for getting lost in bullshit. It’s the cornerstone of the modern world.

  3. We do take the daily aspects of living for granted without realizing that it’s a struggle for most species, including homo sapien

  4. As Grandpa sez,”:Without struggle there is NO life”……

  5. I try to get lost via drawing at least once a day;) Love the sketches.

  6. I practice yoga becuase I am not artistic! I think we come to some of the same conclusions, but you have more to show for it! I do try to get lost as much as possible. Dealing with reality requires a mental vacation from time to time! A good exhale is fabulous!

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