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Staying Within The Lines

h 001I did a post recently about my use of color, and how using color, for me, was like how a child would color in a coloring book, being careful to stay within the lines.  That way you get nice clean work which everybody will like and stick on their refrigerator.  But what I failed to mention was, that from an early age, we are constantly being taught to ‘stay within the lines’, not to cross  certain boundaries, conform, and by doing so will not only turn out better coloring book pictures, but will make you a productive member of society.

So basically, from an early age, someone is always fucking with your head.  “Staying in between the Lines” is one form of mind-nookie.  I can’t think of others at the present moment (too much else going on in mind right now), but there’s tons of subtle messages aimed at us to get us to buy into all this mental intercourse.

Thing is, it works!  That is, until your actually try to get something accomplished.  Then you are encouraged to “Think Outside The Box”. What?  I thought we where supposed to stay in between the lines, and now you’re asking me to think outside the box?  It can’t be done!  What are you trying to do?  Sodomize my sanity?

So ya gotta follow the rules, until you want something, then it’s okay to break em.  Kinda sounds like all the financial fornication that was going on with banks before the Crash.  Bending rules really worked well then.  Didn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for breaking the rules.  But I also don’t want the cops copulating with me.  So I try to stay between the lines, but still keep ’em a little fuzzy at all times.

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Comments on: "Staying Within The Lines" (11)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    When you make the decision to go outside the lines, you have to be prepared for the consequences. But, it’s a better place to be no matter what.

  2. “What are you trying to do? Sodomize my sanity?”

    Oh please let me use that!! That, sir, is genius!

  3. anger issues are we having today Hansi? Or is that every day? lol…

  4. life-enhancing post, thanks

  5. hehe, better the Fuzz than copulating Cops. Cracker of a post. “Mind-nookie” seared into this mind.

  6. surprise, surprise…outside the box there’s even more lines – it’s lines all the way down – (just gotta read between em i guess)…

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