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Self Reflection

self 001

Maybe I’m becoming a little too self reflective or introspective, or am just checking out all the crap that’s makin’ me crazy.  Maybe it comes with the territory as ya get older, and start to see the end in sight.  It’s scary!  I can see how people could obsess on death and dying.  And how ya might just wanna hunker down in your bunker with a couple years worth of stored food and enough guns and ammo (gotta have that) to get you through till the end, because the world’s gone mad and you don’t want any part of it. [Thereby turning your bunker into it’s own little insane asylum].

Thing is, when I look inside myself, I don’t see an old man scared shitless, worrying about everything there is.  I see a seventeen year old kid who still likes and enjoys same things he did since age twelve.

Maybe the above drawing reflects this.  Maybe it’s just a drawing by a crazy old man hunkered down in his bunker.


Comments on: "Self Reflection" (13)

  1. one of the great ironies. As we age, we still feel the same inside. I can’t quite figure that out. It suggest that there are many of me inside this body.

  2. The way I see it Hans, your art serves as a remedy for depression which is a prominent symptom of aging. Don’t put down the art tools my friend. 🙂

  3. Well said. You can either choose to approach life like a 17 yo or like a scared old man. I like your choice.

  4. I see all my college guys and gals alums on that facebook thing. Man oh man, did THEY all get old !

  5. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Your attitude is awesome. If people want to be old farts, they can certainly talk themselves into it. I’d rather be the kid, though.

  6. Nah, I see the 17 yrs. old;)

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