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color 001

I know.  Big F-ing deal.  But it’s kind of a trip for me, cause I haven’t been doing much with color lately.  And thank God for short term memory loss; I forgot how much fun it was and am busy rediscovering it again. [Finding stuff that you’ve lost is always fun, especially when you didn’t know it was missing].  It adds a new dimension to my work: color.

I guess I stopped  because I was gettin’ lazy.  Like in “I don’t wanna do jack-shit” lazy.  And although my crude pseudo-psychedelic drawings don’t look like a lot of work has gone into them, actually a lot has.  Except recently when it hasn’t, when I’ve been content to just draw crude pseudo-psychedelic pencil or ink sketches.

Those ‘quickies’ are fast and easy, and don’t require a commitment from me, or mean I have to do anything else with them or see em again when I’m done.  Adding color, for me, is like doing coloring books as a kid.  Always had to stay within the lines.  And oh, those hard choices ya had to make when ya had a deluxe set of 64 crayons.  It was like being in coloring heaven.   But it didn’t last long. I’d pick out the coolest pictures and have at em, and then burn out.  [My god, that sounds like my career in Corrections].

So, when I add color, it’s like doing a coloring book, except I have to draw the whole book first before I can color it in.  And if I want the pictures to look really good, I gotta first rough them out in pencil and then add details with ink (cheap ball-point pens), erase all the pencil work, and hit em again with colored pencils.  I’ve left crayolas far behind; about the same time I started writing on bathroom walls.

Damn.  That sounds like a lot of work.  And just to crank out a crude pseudo-psychedelic drawing.  I think the best part is the process.  The end result…so so.

color 002


Comments on: "Hey Everybody. I’m Using Color Again." (12)

  1. Oh it’s good to have you back in glorious color!

  2. As usual….very cool….

  3. I like your use of colour pencils. They’re a difficult medium to use.

  4. If you’re bursting with as much energy as your artwork portrays, we’re in for some naughty fun.

  5. Is that a blue mouse on man’s right shoulder ?

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