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A Little About My Style

color 003

Okay.   Some of you may have been wondering about my drawing style, which may be called ‘weird shit’, but is a more  Surreal and a little psychedelic in nature.  A common theme being making the real unreal; and the unreal very real.

I started drawing the way I do sometime in 1967.  I had just spent the summer, home from school, working in a gas station for college money, and honing my drawing skills. I did many large pencil drawings that year, drawing whatever I could organize into a still-life, and rendering it as accurately and realistically as possible.  Spend a lot of time just looking at stuff, it’s line, it’s form,  it’s volume and how lighting affected it.

But a funny thing happened when I got back to school that Fall.  Everybody was smoking Pot. Gawd damn, it was a new world.  All my friends were smoking weed, and had just gotten “turned on” that summer like me.  Things were beautiful on campus.  Everybody was higher than a kite.  Music sounded better, with groups like Cream, Credence and Hendrix blowing our minds; and even Bob Dylan was suggesting that “everybody must get stoned”.  Wow, everything looked new, and was seen from a new perspective.  Us students were  “Feelin’ Groovy.”

Needless to say, I too got a little bit caught up in that craze.  And soon developed a yearning for all things psychedelic. All that, and a passion for surrealism, had an impact on my work (I was an art major).  All my artwork started to look like big hallucinations. I’ve always enjoyed figurative work and have kept it as one of the major focuses in my drawings. [Don’t do painting anymore].

The one above (and below) was painted in 1974/75.  A fairly good likeness, especially if you’ve never seen me before. It portrays where I was at then.  I painted it while wearing earphones listening to Led Zeppelin. I was into a high-fiber diet, and a…oh yeah…had a beard. Pretty trippy.  You might say that this was one of Hansi’s earlier hallucinations.

color 004


Comments on: "A Little About My Style" (25)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I love it, Hansi! It’s wonderful. Aren’t you painting anymore? You have a wonderful talent, there! i never knew you were an art major – what a surprise. And then, to have ended up doing the work you’ve done. You are quite an enigma. Paint more, please.

  2. That is pretty trippy, Hansi, very nice! If you put out an album this would make an excellent cover.
    You should paint again!

  3. Here’s something for you. This artist drew multiple self-portraits while on different drugs. Its pretty cool.


  4. Led Zep, Beatles and Doors “is all we need”.

  5. Well, now I understand. It makes perfect sense at last. Between you and Jean I feel so artistically challenged. It’s not fair. It simply isn’t.

  6. By fiber of course you mean hemp?

  7. Love the painting and love the story, of course, it has me wondering if you, without realizing, turned “fiber” into “fibe her” – check out the cropped “b” in the lower left corner; looks like an “h”. Also reminds me of the one time I tried to do art in an altered state: I used to occasion to practice and better understand flesh tones.

  8. Great painting, Hansi. And I like the little glimpse of you too.

  9. Terrific painting Hansi, you really should think about taking it up again. Your good lady has recently had a new kitchen – couldn’t you have a studio 😉

  10. Love this one Hansi,
    not sure how I missed it earlier…love a man who doesn’t take himself toooooo seriously.

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