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Women Riding Rockets

Rocket girl

I did these when I was in my ‘women riding rockets’ period.  Actually it was more like a phase than a period, because I only did two of them, maybe three at the most, so it’s more like a a passing fancy or brief obsession at best.  And that’s all.  I don’t draw women on rockets anymore.  Period!  However, a little re-visiting of the subject would sure tickle a brief obsessive fanciful phase of my life, as I hope it is tickling yours.

These are among my favorites, and who doesn’t enjoy riding on a rocket?  These gals sure do.  I’ll leave it up to your imagination (or filthy mind) to determine why they’re enjoying it so much.

work 002


Comments on: "Women Riding Rockets" (14)

  1. Is there no subtlety in men? Or can women write psychology books about men with nary a pause by a university course? I’m thinking yes to the latter. hahahaha

  2. That last one should have been a Hendrix album cover

  3. I distinctly remember these. Fancy that.

  4. Now if my horse could just get that kind of liftoff…

  5. It can be a therapeutic to revisit pleasant fantasies! 🙂

  6. I’m aFreud I don’t get it (any more)…

  7. Somewhere out there, a rocket scientist is simply more interested in the rockets.

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