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Holy Shit

1-31-12 003

I drew this one from a book of Albrecht Durer wood-prints I have.  I forgot what the illustration was about, some saint or another.  I happened to like the gesture, and did a fair job of copying it.   Looks to me like this holy man is about to receive something from on high.  The phrase “Holy Shit” immediately came to mind.  I think ol’ Albrecht is rolling over in his grave.


Comments on: "Holy Shit" (27)

  1. It looks great! Love the illustration!!

  2. nice job you blasphemer!

  3. You did a really good job

  4. How appropriate. The notion that we can receive something from on high is always loaded with shit i think, unless of course we are looking for that which naturally falls from above like hail, rain and snow. 😉

    • Seems like the notion that we can receive something from on high as condition (strings) attached.


  5. Albrecht could be saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  6. Nicely done, Hansi!

  7. Heavenly Turds Batman! …Brilliant drawing Hansi but watch out for the Big ZOT my friend…

  8. Bravo, my man!

  9. Great to see you drawing from the old masters!

  10. …or ol’ Albrecht could be saying “ah, somebody finally gets it!”. Great sketch BTW!

  11. Obviously he’s asking God if he should bet the 2 in the first race at Gulfstream Park. What else is religion good for ?

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