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Retired Again

8-15-13 003

Sometime things don’t work, no longer function as they should, or serve no useful purpose.  Well that’s me.  I’m unemployed and It’s back to full-time retirement.

See, I retired in 2004, at age 57 (damn that’s almost ten years ago), but within six months was back working part-time for my former employer: Probation-land, and have been doing so ever since.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of them guys that lives and breathes all that law enforcement bullshit, and can’t live without it.  Hell No!  But what I do live and breath for is the ability to still make money.  That’s why I sucked it up and have been fighting crime in retirement; it pays well….fighting it, not so much the crime itself.

8-15-13 007Working in our local Juvenile Facility was a real trip.  The place was like a modern prison for kids, with individual cells, electronic doors, everything monitored on video.  The best part was my co-workers; most of them young Hispanic studs in their late twenties with gizz levels way off the charts.  It was kinda like getting a testosterone contact-high being around those guys. Lately I’ve just been pushing paper on some huge Drunk Driver caseload (boring).  Not as much fun as the adrenalin-rush I got breaking up fights and spraying gang-bangers with pepper.

Now my hours have been cut way back (was only workin’ 12 a week), and I can only work when another P.O. is on vacation.  Union bullshit, but I can dig it.  So my sweet post-retirement gig is coming to an end.  Sweet being a misnomer for a lower realm of Hell where old Lucifer was showing a new arrival the options of how they will be spending Eternity.  The new arrival looked all around at the hideous tortures going on, and spied a group of people shitting an huge piles of shit drinking coffee.  Well, Mr Newbie, having been a government bureaucrat his whole life, started to thinking, “I can do this, it’s not too different from my career in Corrections”. So Lucifer gave him the assignment, and there he sat, somewhat content, until a loud voice shouted out: “Okay you sinners, break-time over, everybody back on their heads.”

Maybe not working ain’t so bad. Maybe I should put things in perspective with all this part-time work.  Maybe it’s all about how ya look at it.  And maybe things are not always as good as they first appear.

8-15-13 008


Comments on: "Retired Again" (15)

  1. I am so grateful to have pension and social security, the former probably no longer available to today’s and future young people. I feel like the rest of my days belong to me now.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Wow, Hansi. Sounds like another big change coming your way. Hasn’t your brain been in retirement mode for a while, though? I mean you seem to act like a retired person. Will you be able to not work outside the home or will you get bored? I’ve been contemplating retirement a lot lately and plan on using the next two years to get prepared for it.

    • Actually, my brain switched into retirement mode a few months after I was hired, and has been there since. Making money just got in the way.


  3. Now, you can have more time to draw and blog…You know, pretty much act like a retired person. Besides, you’ll never fight all the crime anyway. It’s become quite inventive.

  4. I love retirement and have zero interest in working part time doing anything. I love to call all my time my own, but then I retired at 45 so I’ve been at it a good while. lol…I’m sure you will find lots to do.

  5. Sounds like a reprise of “Attack of the Bean Counters”. Union or no union, they always find a way to do it.

  6. I think this means more time being warped. 😉

  7. “I love work; it fascinates me; I can sit and watch it for hours.”
    Jerome K. Jerome

  8. You can spend all your time drawing now 🙂

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