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The Hershey Highway

highway blues 2

Here’s another favorite from the Archives.  I drew this one specifically for a post I did on the “Hershey Highway”.  [Which is not my way].  I didn’t have a model for this one, cause I was trying to illustrate a concept, and to do so literally.  With mouth-watering, chocolatey good,  bite-size morsels of Hershey’s sweetness snaking it’s way up someone’s rectum.  Maybe they’re coming out instead of going in.  I can’t remember if I drew this one in forward, or reverse.


Comments on: "The Hershey Highway" (12)

  1. There is but one God and His name is Chocolate. You are going to be in a lot of trouble with your sacrilegious devil inspired artistry. You best get YOUR butt down to the Hershey factory and get saved before it is too late.

  2. Chocolate does stimulate the bowels and that is a GOOD thing for many of us.

  3. Oh dear lord! I just had dinner! 😦

  4. I’ll show this to Husb. He’s a chocoholic lol 😀

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