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A Bad Case Of Love

Bad case of love 001

“Got a bad case of love, and my heart is filled with misery.  My wind is short, my pulse is weak.  It won’t be long before I’m six foot deep.”   A great rockabilly song by the Paladins.

Nothing better than a bad case of love.  Nothing worse either.  When ya got it bad, you can’t sleep, can’t eat, and start to feel weak in the knees (and I’m not talking about arthritis).  Not that I have one.  At my age, I’m not ready for anything bad, especially a case of love, although a six-pack might be nice.  I don’t want to start feeling stupid or act like a dumb shit, making all major decisions with the smaller of my two brains.  What a relief to same some clarity in my life!

Bad case of love 003Not that I’m enlightened or anything.  But I’m feelin’ pretty good for a guy my age [“Well Hansi, how old are you?  Let me just say old enough to have a very low tolerance of bullshit.]   God knows there’s plenty of suffering going on.  Sure wish He’d do something about it.  His representatives are seemingly only making things worse.

Not a whole lot going on at the drawing front.  Just a few scribbles here and there while I re-group my resources, many of which have gone A.W.O.L.

Bad case of love 004


Comments on: "A Bad Case Of Love" (11)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Regroup, fellow artist. It’s what I’m doing, too. I’m anxiously waiting for my block to lift. But you are still drawing! I love the first one – is that guy waiting for a block to pass?

    • Artistic constipation…it happens to us all, but this too shall pass 🙂


  2. I know that writers experience block, didn’t know that artists did. I wonder if dancers do? Or singers? I shall think about blockages today. Are we all laxative ready?

  3. Gods representatives are in Brazil this week. The weather has been utterly atrocious.

  4. Enjoying your bloggage as always 🙂

  5. Take a break and work on your six pack–whichever kind you prefer!

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