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Love Rockets

I was looking through my WorpPress Dashboard and discovered that I had no ‘Drafts” to publish this morning, but I did get two hits on a post I did two years ago entitled “Love Rockets”.  Must be some interest in the subject out there, cause two fools Goggled the subject and were directed to my Blog.   Sure hope they weren’t disappointed.  Soooo,  I thought I’d recycle this one for any of you who may have missed it the first time around.

I found a business card at the Gym, and on it was a graphic of a cowgirl straddling a banner waving her hat. Wow, what a loaded picture. It impressed me so much, I took the card home and drew from it, placing her on a rocket instead. Had to name it Love Rocket, for again that name conjures up potent visual and metaphorical images, with a mix of sensuality and raw power.

Most men will no doubt think of a Love Rocket as their wee wees. And rightly so. Rockets are equated with power. Phallic in nature; thrusting head on to new heights. Add love, with sensuality and desire thrown in, and this symbol becomes the ultimate expression of manhood. Male energy. [This isn’t going where ya might think, so hold on].

But a cow-girl riding a rocket? I don’t know. Maybe she’s just a fun loving gal, going along for a wild ride. Or, instead of the bucking bronco, maybe she’s riding it more like a well trained horse. A big powerful animal between her legs, yet in full control of where things are going: Female Energy

It sure seems like everything in our society is being driven by male energy. Business, Politics, and especially entertainment.. The females we see are sexy and hot, but exhibit an aggressive, pushy, thrusting-like behavior. Take Sarah Palin. She’s hot, attractive, and a real “attack dog” type of female politician (please Sarah run; it’d be so much fun). A real ‘American Woman’. Well, not really. I see her as male energy packaged into pencil skirt, lipstick and a nice rack. She’s one of the most aggressive businessmen out there, shamelessly promoting her own brand, to inflate her already large ego . She does hide behind the feminine when her critics fire back, when she doesn’t want to take any flack, or responsibility for what she says.

So here’s the point. This world of ours is dominated by just too much male energy. There’s no balance. If ya step back and take a look at it; and this may be an invitation to step into my mind for a bit, ya just might find that there could be an alternative universe out there worthy of pursuit. So come on in , but watch your step, it’s slippery inside.

For an alternative to this present day madness, you gotta go to the Goddess for answers. Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy would be a nice start. Along with Sophia, goddess of wisdom and intuitive knowledge; highly sought after by the ancients. Mary, the immaculate mother is another one, but she’s been taken hostage by men and her true nature stripped away. Once the Great Goddess, Mother of All, she’s now the property of men, but strangely still worshiped for what she really is. Oh yeah, can’t forget Eros or Venus, goddess of love. From which comes the word erotic; eroticism having as much to do with the mind and imagination than pure sensuality. Nothing like the male dominated counterfeit: pornography.

Romantic notions? Maybe. But things would certainly be much different in this world is these figures were revered, and looked to as the personification of our highest of ideals . This whole female energy thing is hard to describe, because it’s so alien to our culture. But it’s powerful, yet not harsh; loving, not demanding; nurturing and patient. Bringing about change by example and teaching. Embracing all, and in Harmony with all. The source from which comes all life.

Well, there ya have it; a nice little fantasy. “Well Hansi” some might say. “You sure had a big helping of medication; that was a real 60’s flashback.” Perhaps. But it’s fun to pretend. And if I’m gonna be in my own little world, that one seems like a pretty nice place to be.


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  1. O wow, this is a loaded post and we’d best duck before the pistol blasts.

  2. Taking oneself to hand solves many problems…LOL

  3. haha excellent. What’s a rack?

  4. Reblogged this on Amanda's Words / starfire8me and commented:

  5. I remember this one but did not comment. Gotta keep my G rating whether posting or blogging.

  6. Here’s to female energy! Great drawings Hansi!

  7. Great post, Hansi. Thank you!

  8. I hadn’t really considered Sarah, or as our friend Frank from Ohio calls her, the nincompoop, as being so full of male energy. Usually I’m just concentrating on her overall look and posture, trying to keep my head from exploding. But I think you’re right. I would be very comfortable with a society built more firmly (and gently) on the ethos of the iconic feminine examples you listed, but I think the U.S. is built on the bedrock of power brokers and individual determinism. Valuing feminine qualities–of the non-sexual variety–doesn’t seem to be in the very near future. It’s almost un-American. Yikes! But I really enjoyed your thoughts. I always enjoy your drawings, even if I blush!

  9. Great post!!

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