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Hansi on Hiatus

4-30-13 008

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself in a rut, doing the same old thing over and over and over again, but am too compulsed to quit or try something new.  It gets depressing at times, and Depression is a real bummer. Well…I was a tad bummed out for a while and even thought about stopping blogging; taking a break, re-charge my batteries, all that good stuff.  But that was BHD (before Hot Dog Man – not to be confused with BFD which is Big F***ing Deal).

What’s really cool about WordPress is being able to save stuff as a rough draft and publish it latter.  That’s what I did with this blog post (actually written May 8th).  I had quit blogging, wrote about it, saved it as a rough draft,  and am now publishing it.  So here’s a couple of things I did in late April, before Hot Dog Man.  Nothing like a new rut, to get ya out of an old one.  Pretty wild, doncha think?

4-30-13 015


Comments on: "Hansi on Hiatus" (14)

  1. Just think of the pressure if you actually got paid for writing and were expected to write something daily. The publish-or-perish stress would be too much for old guys like you and me Hans.

    • That’s for sure, and when blogging becomes stressful, it’s time to back off and slooooow down.


  2. My weekends are my hiatus……and I agree about the drafts I usually have about 10 saved incase I need them…..

  3. I think everyone falls into ruts from time to time. For me they can be quite severe, and when I don’t feel like doing something (such as writing or drawing) I’m just not gonna do it! And if I try to force it, I’m never happy with the results. So I wait. My ambition always comes back around eventually.

    • Strange you should mention that. It works pretty much the same way for me.


  4. I do not recommend going to this Haiti place. It is a very poor and desperate place of much suffering.

  5. Was your time for moodling – needed often along the uncertain paths of creativity – and look what it gave birth to…..

  6. I have a little stash of scribblings …… shh don’t tell……..

  7. I’m in a semi-rut. Politics is boring me at the moment. How many ways can you spell stupid? Anyway, the dude in the first pitcher, under the main character looks like Einstein in his underwear. I always wondered how he would look in his boxers. Thanks for letting me see.

    • I stopped watching MSNBC for a while and have since felt much better. Politics can wear ya down, especially the antics from the right; they never give up do they.


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