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I know a lot of you who read this blog, and even some of you who just look at the pictures, are retired or semi-retired.  I’m retired, and have been so for the last nine years.  Retirement is great!  And I sure hope it’s great for you too.  But here’s the thing (a strange thing): I’m still working.  And stranger yet, I’m working for my former employer, doing the same thing I did when I was making a “career” outta it.

Financially, it’s really a good thing.  I’m making more money per hour than I was Mixed 003before retirement.  And earning the same as the rest of the poor schmucks eating dung in the Probation Department full time.  Oh Yeah…I was a probation officer for 28 years.  Pretty trippy.  It blew my mind too.  I still can’t believe it.

Anyway, working for your former employer, on a part-time, extra-help basis, while not only good financially, allows me to use former work skills [In my case, fucking with people and jumping in their shit], plus, keeps ya sharp, and gets my ancient ass outta the house. I’d probably be laying around in La La-land all day drivin’ The Wife crazy.  So it relieves a lot of suffering, and someone jumping in my shit.

But not so for the folks I gotta deal with at work.  I don’t wanna go into big detail about what I do, and all the mindless bureaucratic bullshit that goes into helping another P O monitor a barely manageable 2000 person first-time drunk driver caseload, but if I process some paper work or prepare a court document, you can rest assured that some poor turd will be suffering soon.  Being on the inside of a “Big Government” machine that is able to impose it’s will upon people and make them do stuff they really don’t want to, never ceases to blow my mind.   I didn’t ‘live and breath’ all that law enforcement crap when I was a PO; was more of a social worker type, and wanted my clients to succeed.  There’s no joy  inflicting added grief onto people whose lives are already a mess.Mixed 005

So why do I do it?  For the Money!  It’s easy. A no-brainer.  Only a mild inconvenience on my free time.  I’m only selling my time ( I prefer think of it as “renting” it). Not working for my former employer would kinda be like NOT stealing candy from a baby.  That’s one view.

Any of you dealing with similar issues?  If you are, let me know.  This working in retirement is not all fun and games.  On the two days I do go into work, I gotta shower, shave and put on a shirt that has buttons.  That’s asking a lot, money notwithstanding.

Comments on: "Working" (11)

  1. Going to all the doctors, parking, the traffic, the many brightly colored pills, waiting for the mailman, looking for key or wallet – it’s rough business.

  2. I’m retired but working harder than I ever did. And not getting paid. Karma?

  3. One good thing about being an artist is that people expect me to be scruffy. Result 🙂

  4. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Retirement? I’m just plain tired.

  5. Let me hazard to guess you’re in fact better at the job now that you’re free of the job. That sentence doesn’t make sense, but you know what i mean…

  6. I too don’t work at a job but my “job” is keeping my life going finely tuned, and that I tell ya is hard work. But I take great satisfaction in that. If you know of a good housekeeper, let me know, I’ve gone through two already, and still can’t get one to actually show up EVERY week. And before you ask, yes, I checked. My deodorant works fine.

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