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Hot Stuff

6-7-13 001

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to stuff, I like mine hot!  Be it dripping with passion, an extreme style statement, or just a groovy idea, Stuff is always better when hot, and never lukewarm.

6-7-13 007

And if your preference for stuff is hot, then it goes without saying (although I’m sayin’ it right now) – you never want stuff cold.  That would be like showing up for dinner late, and instead of finding it nice and warm, it turned cold [which is okay if you’re eating something like sushi].

So here’s some hot stuff from me to you.  Not so hot that it’s boiling and could scald ya, but warm to the touch.  Just a shade over body temperature.  Unless of course you’re having a hot flash.

I’ve had flashes before, and even wished some of em were hot.  But not so hot that I wanted you to get your sweaty hands off of me, throw back the bed covers and start fanning myself for all I’m worth.

6-7-13 005

Comments on: "Hot Stuff" (18)

  1. so why does hot dog man wear gloves? Is he OCD? And the feet? No shoes? and what the heck is the last one? a collision of egg shells?

    • All cartoon characters wear gloves, don’t know why, they just do. Maybe they don’t wanna get their hands dirty. Maybe they have to take urine tests, and don’t want to hold the bottle for their probation clients without wearing gloves. Who knows?


  2. IS HD Man evolving in that last drawing?

  3. I like the drawing at the top that imitates Madeline Kahn’s character in Young Frankenstein at the end of the movie seen here

  4. For many years I loved cold hot dogs. Hot ones were okay too. Now I don’t much care either way. Tell Homer Simpson he needs to put some gloves on.

  5. With the coming heat, I’ll take just about anything cold. Not cold folk though. Cold hot dogs are never a good idea either.

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Well, here, now that the temps are rising into the 90s, I am liking things cold. So, lots of cold salads and stuff like that. I sure would love some cold fried chicken right now.

  7. Hot Dog Man sketch, Hot Dog Man out skateboarding, and then…well, I’m still trying to figure out the last drawing, but it’s still pretty cool.

  8. love ur illustrations! thanks for dropping by : )

    • Tanks…it’s always a joy to see someone else posting their work in the blog-o-sphere


  9. The weenie rocks

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