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Dog Daze

6-7-13 002

I just got this card in the mail today, guaranteeing me that I can get a lot more for a lot less.  If, I do one simple thing.  I thought that was cool; I’m still a less is more kinda guy.  But there’s gotta be a gimmick in there somewhere, cause that ain’t the way things work.  Usually it’s Pay More, Get Less.

6-7-13 004

But still, wouldn’t it be nice to have a card, that upon presentation, gave you the privilege of paying less for something, while getting more of it?  I could sure use one.  I’d take it everywhere I go.  Even to the three dollar movies, where my Buddie and I go to see all the shit the wives can’t stand.  And even if it’s a piece of crap (like many of em are), hey, it only cost three bucks!

They’d have to give me at least a 10% discount, so it would only cost $2.70, and as for the movie, it would have to be the full un-cut version, with 3-D glasses thrown in, a box of popcorn and something to wash it down with, and oh yeah…some Bon-bons.  Maybe that’s a lot to ask, but I sometimes get the munchies watching  a movie.  Maybe it’s all the refreshments me and my Bud had outside in the parking lot before we went in; or maybe it’s just all that Tom Cruise action working up an appetite.


Comments on: "Dog Daze" (17)

  1. I liked this one. I love reading your stuff. You are a funny guy.

  2. A tracking device…..but it is not the NSA so I guess it is okay (sarcasm)…..glad to see Dog Man make a return.

  3. Burn that card now Hans and banish the thought that Charter will ever give you more for less. I have done business with Charter on two separate occasions and I can tell you from experience they will ultimately wound up bilking you for much more than you bargained for.

  4. Cheers for AARP and AAA discounts. Here in Ohio we also have Golden Buckeye cards.

  5. I notice that you are sensitive to your art and don’t eat a hot dog when seeing a movie. Good call!

    • It takes a lot of will power; the foot long franks are only a buck at the $3.00 Movies.


  6. Once a dawg fan always a dawg fan (double entendre intended) UGA class of ’83

  7. I’m very suspicious of less for more. Usually, you get what you pay for. It’s not worth it. I’ve been caught with the whole cable thing. Pay less for a year and it more than doubles the second year. Run Hansi, ruuuun!

    • I hear ya. I signed up for a two year deal with Direct TV (better than Charter), and know in advance that next year I will be screw royally.


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