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Love Is In The Air

5-6-41 004

You may not have noticed, but if ya have a garden, go outside very often, or just look out your window ever, everything is in bloom and flowering all over the place.  I have a bunch of potted succulents, and they’re sending out flowers, my cactus plants too.  Cactus blooms are really trippy, because cactus plants are a little standoffish what with their spines and all.  [You can look but you better not touch.]  But when they wanna have sex, they shoot out the most spectacular vividly colored flowers.  All so a bee or something, will be attacked to it ( “Here I am Big Boy”), mess with its pistils and tickle their stamen, and pass it on to the next guy over their by the rocks. [ Being somewhat immobile, cactus plants need to do a three-some in-order to propagate. ]

5-6-41 003

Maybe that’s why humans rule the earth instead of plants.  Although, there’s sure a lot more plants than humans on earth, we’re a lot more smarter, and have weapons of mass plant destruction, like Roundup.  But they’re fighting back because all they got on their minds (unlike us humans) is sex and reproducing.  They’re certainly not wasting their time laying around and watching stupid reality shows all day.  [ I talk to my plants sometimes.  You know, words of encouragement, kind thoughts etc., and they seem to respond, especially when I’m pouring a gallon of Miracle-Gro on em.  But ever wonder what a plant would do if ya put a TV set out in the garden, and let them watch some bullshit like Kim Kardashian or cup-cake contests all day?]

While we’re on the subject of plant sex, there’s a really big American company that’s fucking with the plants we eat.  They are Genetically Modifying corn, soybeans, sugar beets and more to be genetically resistant to Roundup herbicide (coincidentally made by the same company) while containing a bacillus thuringiensis (BT) gene which kills insects via their digestive tracts.  Pretty cool, a plant you can spray weed killer on while it kills pests.  Thing is…do ya wanna eat it?  I’m thinkin’:  Hell No!  Problem is, a lot of our foods come from corn, soybeans and sugar beets, so it’s everywhere, not to mention feed to the animals we eat.  And it’s making people sick.   Who woulda thunk that could happen?  I still can’t believe that cigarette smoking was bad for ya.

Oh well, when it comes to GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), I’ve got some mixed feelings.  I guess it comes down to this: I don’t mind if my plants have sex, but I do mind if someone fucks with my plants.

6-7-13 003


Comments on: "Love Is In The Air" (8)

  1. Already harvesting chard, radishes, onions and yellow squash……

  2. Horray for Monsanto!!!!!!! Making us sick for decades to come. Keeping the pharm companies where they need to be….in my pocket.
    My garden is blooming as well.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Monsanto is the devil. We worry about the government collecting our phone records and yet we let these monster food corps run the world and decide what we eat. It’s crazy scary.

    • Certainly is. But we do have a choice: go organic or forgo corn, soybeans and sugar beats altogether. I vote with my pocketbook.


  4. harvesting lettuce, radishes, summer squash and herbs. still trying to get the hang of gardening here. Stuff goes along for a while and then just dies. We lost our cherry tomato for no good reason and a couple more chile pepper plants. We water daily and mulch. Fed everything last week. Summer squash is very small, and so far the tomatoes seem very small too. Monsanto is on the run! I would love to put them out of business.

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