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Branden 007

Okay….I’m giving this Hot Dog Man mania a well deserved rest.  Doesn’t mean I’m giving adolescent bathroom humor a rest (God forbid!).  Also doesn’t mean that I’ve come up with something new to draw and carry on about.  Actually, I think that I’ve hit the pinnacle of artistic success with Hot Dog Man (if ya call cranking out rather crude, inane bullshit success.  But then again, Corporate America has had astonishing success cranking out crap for our consumption that breaks down, soon becomes obsolete, is hazardous to our health and can become addictive).

So I decided to post a drawing by someone who’s really into bathroom humor.  If it has to do with farting, urinating on someone or something, making suggestive noises or picking boogers, he’s into it.  The real deal.  An actual kid: my grandson Branden.  Nothing better than sticking  something up your nose.  And I can dig it.  Mining for boogers is every 10 year old’s favorite sport..  I’ve been there, I’ve done that (but now focus mainly on dingle-berries).  But I did caution my grandson with some wise grandfatherly advice.  I told him, ” It’s okay to pick boogers, but ya never want to eat them…They don’t taste very good”.

logan 001

Oh yeah, can’t leave out my four year old grandson, and his drawing of a tiger.  Although he’s almost five, and has already graduated from Pre-School.  Even had a little ceremony where he walked down thee isle in a cap and gown.  How cute.  Last time I was in a cap and gown was college 1969.  He got his diploma at age four.  I was twenty two, and had to endure 16 more years of school to get mine.  Sure wished I could of cashed  it all in at age four and never gone back to school. I would have missed recess (the best part), but that’s about all.  You know, I can’t think of one thing I learned in school that I use today.  Well, there is the reading and writing, sure liked the art classes, and that first row of radishes I planted in a 7th grade agriculture class did eventually turn me into an avid organic gardener.   Boy, would old Mr Dawson be amazed at some of the plants I’m growing now!

But the rest of it was a big waste of time, no to mention the intrusion into my free-time.  Go figure.  When you were a kid, all ya wanted to do is play with your buddies, lay around and watch TV, eat, and do as little work as possible.  Bummer is, I had to work my ass off for 40 years, tow the line and follow the rules, just so I could finally retire, which when it’s going good, consists of hanging around with your buddies, laying around watching TV, eating whatever ya want, and doing as little work as possible.

Pretty strange, doncha think?


Comments on: "Branden’s Hallucinations" (15)

  1. retirement seems more work, but it’s work I strangely take great satisfaction in. lol…I worked hard to make a blue berry pie yesterday and I take a lot of satisfaction there, I must say. Not so much with the laundry. I love hotdog man. I want him doing historical figures with appropriate commentary. Get busy! lol..

  2. Well at least he did not try to impress by putting his whaddyacall into the pencil sharpener.

  3. Hans, nothing, and i mean NOTHING at all in this world is more inane or adolescent bathroom humor than this towering work of sheer uncut genius. Yes, it’s 10hrs long…

    • Pretty cool, but I only watched four hours of it. Couldn’t see his pee-pee cause there was a black box over it 🙂


  4. Not strange at all because you are predictably unpredictable. Meanwhile, here’s one for your grandson … all good boogers need to be picked.

  5. Looks like you’ve pretty much guaranteed the grandson will be eating boogers. All you had to do was say not to.

  6. Ain’t life grand…..

  7. I’d say both boys have some talent. Branden’s concept is clever and well done, and Logan’s tiger is really good, too. You tempt me towards retirement!

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