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NEWS spring 2013

mail 005

I was gonna call this one, Mail Madness.  But then thought, Male Madness is more like it.  Cause that’s what it is: old, falling apart from the knees down, full blown senior living dementia.  And I’m so busy enjoying it all, that I don’t have time to go through my mail.  Good thing Hot Dog Man volunteered to do it for me.  What a guy.

He does a fairly good job of weeding out the bullshit and only giving me what’s really important.  But the thing of it is, old H D has some real vivid fantasies, and often times, instead of sorting and evaluating the mail, he spaces out entirely, and imagines himself in some pretty strange situations, with even stranger mind-states.  Like euphoria in the one above, to paranoia in the one below. [You know, my favorite motel in Lone Pine was bought by an Indian woman.]

mail 003

Boy….Do they ever send ya some strange shit in the mail.  But it’s all for your own good.  Like all them facts about natural gas, and invitations to get something cheap.  Want a Smartphone?  Let me see….No. I think I’ll take a dumb one instead.

more mail 001

But ya know, despite his inability to focus at times, ol’ H D has a knack for separating the wheat from the chaff.  He picked out the one below; he know what’s truly import, and can’t be passed-up.

more mail 002


Comments on: "NEWS spring 2013" (15)

  1. Hot Dog is getting his groove on. Bet Sundays are a drag.

  2. Off your meds again are we? lol…cute stuff Hansi.

    • Actually, regarding my medication needs, I was fully medicated when I dreamed these ones’ up. In my experience when working with the mentally ill as a PO, I found that everybody functions at their best when properly medicated


  3. Not all natural gas warms your home or cooks your food as the add suggests, but it is energy efficient if you know what I mean. 😉

  4. That last one’s a keeper!

  5. I think you need to send the last one back to BofA just for yucks.

    • Good idea, just gotta wait for one of them self addresses stamped envelopes. B of A ain’t worth the postage.


  6. Want a Smartphone? No, I’ll settle for a dumb one HAHAHAHAHAAH best laugh I’ve had all week 😀

  7. Thanks for the laugh. I suggest a weekly post featuring Hot Dog man’s and your junk mail.

    • That could be in the offing. I sure get enough junk mail, or should I call it blog material.


  8. These are great! I got a good chuckle out of the last one especially. 😀

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