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Hot Women

5-20 002

Okay, Hot Dog man is starting to become a little bit of a challenge for me.  Something new to work on, something I haven’t done before. But it’s fun playing with it, watching it evolve.  All pretty trippy stuff.

5-20 003

See, what I’m dealing with here is not so much a vulgar portrayal of (alter ego) Hot Dog Man trying to pinch some Hot Chick’s ass.  But drawing two figures in relationship with each other, which also tells a story [in this case about old H D trying to cop a feel].  That’s not easy art-wise.  The old masters did it, loaded up with symbolism, I’m just trying to do it  loaded with gestures.

Before I could draw some of these, I had to first visualize the scene in my mind, and have a mental picture of what it might look like.  Kinda like drawing from life, but cranking it up a notch.5-20 001

I still haven’t gotten Hot Dog Woman down yet, but I’m workin’ on it.  Seems to me that ol’ H D likes his women a little bit on the trashy side.  In fact, the trashier the better.  If it flashes, sparkles and smells good, well ol’ H D is gonna jump on that stuff faster than a rainbow trout hits a treble hook loaded with Power-bait.  Hard to resist I know, but look what happens to the poor trout.  BAM!  Fifteen minutes out of the hatchery, thinking “freedom at last”, and he’s a goner.

And what man can resist something in hot pants and a tube top sashaying by ya, jacked up four inches by stiletto heels, and dangling with cheap jewelry?  Sure works on fish, and it sure works on trouser trout.  Thing is, and I think this is part of my problem in coming up with a consort for Hot Dog Man,  H D don’t need a woman… he needs women.

5-20 005


Comments on: "Hot Women" (25)

  1. She is a bit trashy. Write trash woman.

  2. A blonde? Is that a subconscious thing? LOL

  3. I think a good dose of mosquito repellant is required before entering into the swampland that is the psyche of the American male.

  4. Make sure Hot Dog woman has well-developed buns.

  5. If things keep heading in this direction, we’ll be getting a serving of little cocktail sausages!

  6. Trouser trout! LOL 😀

  7. I’m not surprised you’re having trouble imagining H D Woman. There’s the little matter of the whole point of H D Man’s physique, so to speak… C’mon, H D Man is a force unto himself, right???

    Mind boggling about these old masters copping feels via gestures … got any examples?

  8. I am surely showing my age, but the second to last HD woman reminds me of Mae West. I think it’s the pose! It will be fun to watch them evolve. I think HD Man won’t be able to stick to one woman, either!

    • She does have that” Why doncha come up and see me sometime” look on her face 🙂


  9. Hot Dog Man is actually Ass Man.

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