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Back To Lone Pine


Lone Pine.  What two old geezers long for when ya need to release some steam, get outta the house, de-stress, and do what ya wanna do without first asking permission from The Wife.

lone pine 002

A dream, a symbol of hope. A refuge to be sought after and achieved even in this life-time.  Lone Pine. Solitude, peace, a feeling of being at ease, comfortable at all times.  Something to savor, look forward to, and enjoy in all its fullness.  Lone Pine.

Well, we’re not talking about enlightenment here, but a small California town in the Eastern Sierras at the foot of Mount Whitney (the highest peak in the contiguous United States), and home of the Alabama Hills of movie fame.  From Lone Pine north up the Owens Valley, there’s many creeks running down from the snow capped mountains, into the valley and eventually into the Owens River (which is owned by the City of Los Angeles) which becomes the California Aqueduct, the source of water for L A and the south-land.  For some strange reason, I always enjoy peeing in the Owens River when up there.  Must be something nostalgic from my childhood and growing up in L A.

lone pine 001

So there’s not only all this natural phenomenon and history up there, but fish (who also piss in the water).  And fish equals fishing, and so begins some of the best trout fishing all the way up California’s  Highway 395.

How sweet it is.  So old Hansi (aka Hot Dog Man) went up there last week with his fishin’ Bud.  Boy, did we ever have to take a leak.  A mental one that is.  I’d never urinate in someones water supply. Gawd knows what with all the fish shitting in it, not to mention cattle leaving huge ploppers, that water is unfit for human consumption. But peradventure a drop or two of geezer pee should dribble into the creek, you can rest assured that it’s Viagra free 🙂


Comments on: "Back To Lone Pine" (20)

  1. Sounds nice. Mountain fishing is indeed the best.

    Lone Pine, though, has a different meaning for Australian’s and New Zealanders. It was the name of a hill on the Gallipoli peninsular where a diversionary attack was launched against the Turks… Sort of synonymous with “Oh, what a clusterfuck!”

    • Different Loan Pine, I think mine is nicer.  But it’s often hard to tell whats in a name.  I always thought it was Loan Pine: a place where you could go and borrow some lumber if ya needed it.


  2. Lord, I feel like I’m intruding on a true man moment. I always come away scratching my head as to why you guys like stuff like this. Seems so uncivilized. I guess that says it all.

    • You did, and wasn’t it great? Probably not as bad as ya thought. Here’s a little secret that I don’t share too often: If ya want a true “Man Moment”, don’t take The Wife.


    • Snoring Dog Studio said:

      I’m with Sherry on this. Sounds all itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable to me. But, thankfully, you guys do have a nice place to bond. Your wives love these moments.

  3. hey Hot Dog Man, what’s your super power then?

  4. What do Hot Dog men catch? Buns?

  5. Fishing for your feral origins eh?

    • You betcha. I was brought up domesticated, but have since turned wild.


  6. Cheers to Hot Dog Man having a fishing trip …. and evidence show you anointed the water with urea.

  7. Our government, by the people(allegedly), has been pissing on us for decades.

  8. I love Lone Pine, Hansi. Love that whole area. I am becoming something of an arm-chair historian on the Owen River Project and the California Water Wars–I can’t stop reading about it and the principle players. So every time we travel that way, I feel the history. I would just love to own a little cabin in Lone Pine we could retreat to frequently, but in that absence, we go when we can. I’m glad you got away, and the mental “leak” is important! We need that more frequently in our lives, I think.

    • I though you might like that one. Sure hope DWP doesn’t supply your water:)


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