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rules 001

Ya ever feel like breaking the rules sometimes?  You know, doing something forbidden or against the law.  Not necessarily criminal, but violating some ordinance or statute, cause ya feel like living dangerously, or think the law is stupid, or whatever?  Well I sometimes do, and Hot Dog Man doesn’t think twice before acting on a whim.

But I sure hope you don’t.  For not only would the fabric of our society immediately crumble to the ground, but if you’re caught, You may end up on probation.  See, for thirty years, I had to deal with folks like that, who despite being sure as shit that they would never get caught, found their asses in jail and being placed on probation. And you know what the first and foremost condition of probation was?  Obey all laws.   So next time, should they ventured outside the law, not only could they end up getting screwed for a new offense, but get shafted even more so because they violated their probation by not obeying all laws.

rules 002

Boy…That’s enough to keep my ass in line.  And that’s why when I get a ton of junk-mail consisting of Medicare insurance flyers, Long Term Care ads, cable or satellite TV specials, or cremations with burial at sea for only $899 (they sure got my demographic nailed down), instead of getting pissed and destroying something like my pre-approved  AARP card.  I let hot dog Man take care of it for me.  H D don’t give a shit.

rules 004

H D can be helpful at times too.  Here he helped me fill out the DMV form for a handicapped parking placard.  Those lucky handicapped folks get all the good parking spaces, so H D checked every box to help me out.

rules 003


Comments on: "Let’s Break Some Rules" (32)

  1. OMG. :::coffee spewing out of nose:::
    I love your posts so much!!!!!!!
    Hot Dog Man is a surely a trouble maker. I knew I loved him for a specific reason (uh, other than his phalic good looks, of course)

    • I think it’s all about those phallic good looks. Good thing you weren’t eating when ya first read this.


  2. I really loved this one Hans. What a clever way to poke fun at something that attempts to demonstrate someone trying to be serious about what they feel we “really” need. I’m with you on these profiteers that try to exploit our emotions and feelings on something essential in our lives. I love the questionnaires that ask us all of the right questions as if we would say no to “Would you like more affordable health care coverage?”

    • Glad ya liked it, and can relate. I’m getting sick and tired of getting a barrage of mail daily, constantly reminding me that I’m getting old and fucked-up.


  3. Hansi, you are a sick puppy…..bless you…..I need a good chuckle today….thanx

  4. Ha! I’d like to see the reaction of the person opening the mail, if you actually returned it like that!

  5. Next thing we know you’ll be tearing the tags off your mattresses!

    • I don’t think I’ll go that far, after all they do say “Under penalty of law”.


  6. Guess you found your new direction, Hansi. H D has got legs for sure! 🙂

    Cacked at this one, ” …cremations with burial at sea for only $899 (they sure got my demographic nailed down)”

    • Yep….I’m on the right road with Hot Dog Man. In fact I just saw a sign, which read: Perdition…10 miles ahead.


  7. I don’t know if “living vicariously” applies to a cartoon, but in this case I’ll go for it.

    • If you meant by vicariously: Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another. Then yea Cartoons will work.


  8. Good form Hansi – good form…

  9. There’s a book in this. Check out the Henry Root letters :)http://www.duncanwil.co.uk/roo1.html

  10. Great, loving Hot Dog Man’s mischief

  11. My favorite crime is to rip off the “do not remove under pain and penalty of law” tags on mattresses and pillows and then look smugly at police officers when they walk by, knowing that by god I’ve put one over on them!

  12. My mom has a handicap sticker. I don’t claim her though ’cause she’s a real abled body that’s taking advantage. I imagine she had a Hot Dog filling out her paperwork too. Seniors try to take advantage of their age and that’s why DC wanna take away social security. Just a wild guess. 🙂

    • Good for Mom. Hey we seniors have paid our dues, and now it’s time reap the benefits, like them whoppingly big Social Security checks.


  13. HD has a great future! I think he should accompany all your personal correspondence. Let him be your calling card! He can help you vote, fill out prescription forms, finalize business transactions…he’s going to be very busy!

    • Well, if it’s true that men think with their ‘you know whats’, might as well let H D take over the remaining 10% of the decisions I make 🙂


  14. Awesome – I’m still giggling as I’m typing this!

  15. Well, well, well, are you the sick pup, but guess what? I loved it! 🙂
    Thanks for swinging by my blog today too!

  16. They should have parking for insane people like us.

    • They do…it’s all along them red curbs, but ya might end up getting fined. 🙂


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