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Odds and Ends

4-30-13 002

I gotta give this Hot Dog Man stuff a break for a while, but it’s hard, cause I’m on a roll with him and don’t wanna give that puppy a bit of rest.  So I decided to post some of my Pre-Hot Dog Man work (April’s drawings; which will one day be remembered as the body of work I produced before going on to fame for Hot Dog Man: who everybody knows is a total joke, and  thinly disguised expression of the male phallus, placed in poses  of none too subtle erotic content, that while not out-right smut, are cute enough to be considered ‘naughty’, while having no connection whatsoever to Condom Boy – an earlier theme running throughout my work) for which I had no cohesive narrative to tie the two drawings together.stick figures 001

See…It just can’t be done.  How can one intertwine freaks with the crass and vulgar in a manner that works together as a whole, with start and a finish, filled in the middle with a  juicy, but not necessarily forbidden, but definitely not good for you at your age stuff, mouth watering vanilla center?  May not make a whole lot of sense, and may even be incomprehensible, but sure is enjoyable when along for the ride, which in itself, “enjoying the ride”, may be the key that unlocks all and makes the most sense in its simplicity, only to be truly understood when  fully present and enjoying the ride.

Have a nice trip.

4-30-13 001


Comments on: "Odds and Ends" (14)

  1. “I gotta give this Hot Dog Man stuff a break for a while, but it’s hard, cause I’m on a roll with him …”

    You’re supposed to say “no pun intended” at this junction. 🙂

    • You’re probably correct, but maybe a pun was intended, and I didn’t even know it.


  2. your treatment of heads continues to fascinate. The last one is purely weird. Head on backwards?

  3. I thought that when Hot Dog man joined the CIA and went undercover he became Condom Boy!

  4. Whatever your scrambled but brilliant brain comes up with is fine with me. Always love your writing and drawings – hair of the dog in the mornings – inspired chuckles at night – you’re the best Hansi…

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