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HD 009

Okay….I guess my new direction is cartooning.  Why not?  I grew up watching cartoons all the time.  But I never drew them, it just never interested me.  I guess I could never figure out why of all the Disney characters, Donald Duck was the only one that didn’t wear pants.  Mickey did, so did Goofy.  Pluto was a dog, so he was exempt.  But Donald?  Maybe because you can never tell the sex of birds by looking for their genitals.  I raised chickens for a while, even had a rooster (I called him Bubba) but never saw his you know what.  He was busy ruffling the feathers of all the hens on a daily basis (what a guy), but I never once saw his wee-wee.

What’s really cool about drawing cartoons is that it’s fast, and all ya have to do is get certain gestures right, and presto, it comes to life.  With Hot Dog Man, I don’t have to worry about getting my anatomy down correctly.  Be he a bratwurst, sausage, or weenie, it’s all basically the same.  Here he is in all his splendorous glory:

HD 006b


Comments on: "Hooray For Hot Dog Man" (16)

  1. These are really great Hansi. These guys have charm to spare.

  2. Love Oscar Meyer. Is he smoking a carrot? Right on!

  3. Excellent as usual…..you realize with a few adjustments and there would be a market for the “Blue” comics….wink.

  4. He’s coming to life!

  5. Hot Dog man is my new hero.

  6. I really like Hot Dog Man with the cigar! He has panache! He has a certain star quality!

  7. He’s a sausage!

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