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Hot Dog Man

Hot Dog Man 001

I love having this Hansi blog.  And what I love about it the most, besides the fact that it’s all about me, is that it allows me to have an alter ego, wherein I can explore all things forbidden, in bad taste, of questionable socially redeeming value, and in a manner loaded with sexual innuendo in the spirit of adolescent bathroom humor.  [Some things never get old].  It’s kinda like being a little boy again when everybody called me Hansi.  The thing of it is, as I get older, the line between “Hansi” and the real deal is fading rapidly, and I’m Hansi more times than not.

Hot Dog Man 002

Well, one night I was sitting around, pretty much like in the picture on top, and it came to me that I needed a new alter ego.  Being in an altered state of mind, that sure  came easy.  Hence, Hot Dog Man was born.  [Actually he was conceived that evening, but it’s the same thing if ya believe that life starts at conception, and to kill a fetus is first degree murder; until that is, you come out of the womb, where-after you’re on your own and it’s open season on your ass.]  There’s an old saying that “a man ain’t nothing but a dog on two legs”.  A real truism if ya ever lived with one or seen em run in packs.  While my Hot Dog Man is not a true canine, he sure thinks like one at times.  And while not quite a super hero, old H D (that’s short for Hot Dog Man) does have the power to amuse, disgust and generally make ya think twice.

These quickie drawings, done with a #2 pencil, are a new style for me.  Although a lot of my stuff appears cartoonie, I’m really not into cartooning.  But drawing stick figures in interesting posses has always been a source of fascination, and allows me a freedom which my more finished work lacks.  I guess if you had to give it a name, you could call my new works…what else: Doggie Style.

Hot Dog Man 005


Comments on: "Hot Dog Man" (19)

  1. OH MY GOD! You crack me up, Hansi. Incredible laughs this morning. Surely, you post this hilarity just for me!
    By the way, having an alter ego is fnu, isnt it? 🙂

  2. Yup, i’m glad i bought that extra-comfy chair 😉

  3. Well now …. given that hot dogs are also call franks, thanks for the perspective! …. and surely the doggy style conclusion surprised me. Thanks for the laugh!!!

    • I guess being a Frank, you can relate to HD…may even have something in common 🙂


  4. Wiener Man!

  5. Oh goodie, more sexual inuendo and dirty talk. hahah….you are gonna be banned in Boston before long!

    • Better than being bombed in Boston…ooh, that was bad. Hot Dog Man made me say it.


  6. Have you told Anthony Weiner about this yet?

  7. I truly did laugh out loud at the last line.

    Any condom-ments for the Hot Dog Man?

  8. You are so sage Hansi…

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