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4-15-13 002

This is the last page of the sketchbook I started at the beginning of the year.  That’s way over 50 pages, and a shitload of drawing by me.  Hopefully most of the drawings haven’t been a load of shit.  Anyway, I had to make this page special cause it’s the last one, and kinda like saying goodbye to an old friend.

4-15-13 001

This one was the second to last page.  You can tell how compulsive I am, cause all I could think of was getting to the last page.  Maybe I should have posted this one first, and the top one last.  But as Jesus said, “The first shall be last, and the last drawing shall be first”.  If it works for Jesus, I works for me.


Comments on: "Another One Bites The Dust" (9)

  1. There is never a last page until you take that long dirt nap….keep drawing they are great…..

    • I’m not quite ready for a dirt nap, but laying down on the sofa after lunch is always nice.


  2. Just curious Hans. As a sketch book, are these caricatures of actual people who cross paths with you during the day?

    • No, they’re not caricatures, but impressions that have crossed my mind during the day. Or out-right nightmares.


  3. Sherry said:

    I know, I know (waving hand furiously). Make your own paper this time! Papyrus here I come! I wonder if you can order papyrus for writing? I wonder about many things. Like little gnats itching my synapses. Pay me no mind, I’m off to go swim my laps. I spy a white rabbit at the other end!

  4. Theology and art–two of my favorite subjects! 🙂 Hopefully you have a new sketchbook all lined up and ready to go. BTW…I’ve been thinking of you and your family today. I’m assuming you have been getting some of the smoke and maybe even ash from the fires. Scary, aren’t they? I think you’re further north, but with those winds, whoa! Hope you have a good weekend, Hansi.

    • Camarillo is 12 miles south of me on the 101, and yesterday we could see a huge bank of smoke to the south over the coast. it’s fire season, and starting early this year. thanks for the thoughts.


  5. Figure you are used to the smoke by now – the greening of the lungs etc…New books need breaking in – what to do, what to do?

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