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e t 001

Here’s some more small drawings of what I call “Terrestrials”.  If one terrestrial is good, having a few extra is even better.  And it’s the extra terrestrials that I’m interested in the most.

Ever notice that in all the science fiction movies where earth is visited by extraterrestrials, that they are either good, and want to save mankind from itself, or thoroughly rotten reptilian slime intent on destroying the planet?  All except E T.  He just spaced-out during a long interstellar potty break, wondered off lost, and ended up having to deal with the madness of 20th century suburban living.  He just wanted to get the hell outta there and go home.

Then there’s all the space craft.  Earthy vessels are phallic in nature; rockets and April Art 005what-not; while alien ships are more feminine – think flying saucers.  The Star-Ship Enterprise is a hybrid of the two.  There’s the saucer, where everybody lives, then the two rockets that blast it into warp drive.  Kinda gives new meaning to that old rockabilly song, “I’ve got a rocket in my pocket and I’m ready to roll”.  Star Wars vehicles are just weird, but the opening shot in the first movie was sure phallic.  Reminded me of a time lapse shot of a Viagra pill kicking in.

I think if I had to travel on a space ship, I’d prefer the Star-Ship Enterprise.  Everybody had a job, wasn’t fat, did what they were told and didn’t have to make big wardrobe decisions.  Plus, it was all uni-sex.  You could hardly tell the girls from the boys, unless their uniforms were too tight and the boys’ ‘boyz’ started to show.  I bet Dr. Crusher had a hand-held device to take care of that.  Cause there was sure no hanky-panky on the bridge between officers.  The rest of the crew however, were no doubt balling their socks off, doing all kinds of kinky stuff on the holo-deck.  Probably couldn’t get high on board either.  Even though they had a replicator that could make ya all sorts of stuff, it was probably alcohol free, or un-smokeable.

April Art 010


Comments on: "Extraterrestrials" (10)

  1. Wait! Did not Picard and Crusher have a thing?

  2. “Deep into space” does have definite sexual connotations when you look at such things blithely. 🙂

  3. Heck, it just occurred to me, that me (no talent drawer that I am) can draw aliens, cuz nobody can claim they don’t look like an alien now can they? Ha. Thanks Hansi my man, you have boosted my painter’s ego. I shall go forth and create aliens!

  4. Love your “extra” creatures!

  5. I second the above, wonderful aliens Hansi! Did you meet them in person? Russell.

  6. I think one of my very favorite movies is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I like your aliens–they have personality! The first one makes me think of Lucy and Ethel when they faked aliens landing in New York. 🙂

    • Yeah….E T was adorable. I think I may have missed that Lucy show though.


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